Just purchased 2 new kayaks from a Dealer here in North Carolina. I was charged 7% sales tax. I advised the Dealer I had always been charged 3% sales tax. He stated he had always charged 7%. Would someone please tell me which is correct?

NC sales tax
The state sales tax is 4.5 percent. Most taxable sales or purchases are also subject to the state tax as well as the 2.5 percent (3 percent in Mecklenburg County) local rates of tax for a combined 7 percent (7.5 percent in Mecklenburg County).

of course, there’s no tax on pharmacy purchases so why not tell the guy that you need a kayak for your health. :wink:

Buy in Oregon… Tax = 0%

I’m going to get somebody in trouble, but since all the online stores are doing it, maybe you should consider buying from an Oregon Paddleshop.

Only thinking outloud, I don’t have any specifics for you.

You can find a list of shops in the links at:

Good luck


No sales tax (Wisconson ?)hasn’t charged me tax in the past and being from Florida, I believe Oregon has no sales tax anyway.


Yous guys are pikers…
Erie County (New Yawk…where else)sales tax right now is 8.25%. In the works is a bill to raise it to…9.5% (I…love New Yawk…but only to visit)

KAYAKS are taxes at 3% Here!

delaware, rhode island, & new hampshire
delaware has no sales tax on anything, except cars (2 1/2%), RI has no tax on boats, and any gear purchased on the same day the boat is purchased (to help their boat building industry), and new hampshire is tax free (not sure about cars), - - - now here in taxachusetts, LOOK OUT !!!

I think you are getting off lightly as
the sales tax here known as Value Added Tax (VAT) is 17.5%

yep, and linda baron will be along…
…shortly to tell us how much the combined taxes are in Canada (combining Provincial & national) is about, what, 15%? We should not be moaning!

(PS…DE also has free vehicle inspections (including emmission testing) & their registration fees are incredibly cheap)

If you buy a boat from a state other than your own, you will normally not be charged tax (even though you may actually be obligated to pay it).

hull tax
in fla you only have to pay tax on the value of the hull and not the price of the boat, I talking the evil powerboats… so if you buy a 60 grand boat and the engine costs 30 and the running gear and etc 20 then you only owe tax on 10. not many people know this and the tax office won’t offer this info , but you can save big bucks.

for those who may not have heard, this sat, 14 august, is a tax free (up to $2500. per item)day in MA