Salmon fishing canoe?

So- After battling waves on Lake Huron last weekend, the big guy is moaning about not having a boat to fish rivers with. Now, I’m not a fisher but if he’d go along with buying a tandem canoe, I’d consider doing the paddling. The question is, can you fish for salmon from a canoe or is the fight of bringing one in likely to land you in the drink?

I fish from a 17 foot canoe all the time in near coastal waters in the Gulf of Mexico, and we catch some failry large sharks, snook and redfish. You do have to keep a close eye on the weather but it can be done.

You may wnat to re-post this message on the fishing forum on this same site - lots of helpful advice there. Good luck.

I fish for Salmon using a 16 foot solo canoe all the time. Notice I said fish, catching is another matter altogether. I can’t recall the website but there were pictures of a guy catching big old Great Lakes Salmon out of a canoe at night. Very impressive stuff.