Salmon River in CT

Seven inches of rain and 5 inches of snow-melt in the past week had all the rivers in southern New England up this weekend. I was busy on Saturday, but got out on one of my local favorites on Sunday – the Salmon River in southeastern CT.

The Salmon has about 4-miles of continuous class II rapids with a class II+/III- drop at the end. At yesterday’s level it was mostly wave trains with some rock dodging and nice surf spots. The banks are lined with hemlock and mountain laurel, and small water falls tumbled down the banks into the river. We enjoyed the waves as we worked out way down to the largest rapid - the broken dam.

The broken dam is a class II+/III- rapid with 3 drops - each around 2’. I went first in hopes of getting some pictures of the rest of the crew coming through. I took the usual line (slot on the right) and filled up the boat in the large standing waves below. By the time I got to shore, Paul was already through. I got in position to get some video of Tim and Dave, only to have the battery in my camera die – oh well. They looked good, but you will just have to trust me.

Few pictures here:


I didn’t get any video from the broken dam this year, but I do have this from a few years ago at about the same level.


Way to go, looks fun, if life gets boring boof the ledge on river right, it looks “interesting”.

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Looks like a fun day. Kudos to you. My boats are tucked away until the weather warms up a bit.

Debating whether to go out this weekend - rivers are up, but temp’s are only forecast to be in the 20’s. Maybe a short run :wink:

The older you get, the colder you get. Now I know why my Dad was always cold in the winter. Oh to be young(er) again! Stay safe and have fun.

Teens on Saturday - that’s out. High 20’s on Sunday - that might work. Plenty of insulation under the drysuit. Short easy run. We’ll see. Lot of people head inside to do pool sessions.

“The older you get, the colder you get!”
I believe it was the elder Eskimo,
whilst shiverin’ in floe there with his very icy stare,
recited to his nephew Numlukjo.

“And if a walrus don’t impale
your umiak when under sail…”
Jo interrupted, “What don’t kill ya makes ya stronger?”

“How could ya be so dumb!!?”
Scolded back Uncle to Num,
thought, “These damn utes are always so much wronger!”

“If damn walroo ain’t yer killin’
then there’s this Berin’ come a chillin’,
till yer frosty flesh starts poppin’ off yer bones!”

“And know then that yer chum,
the Polar Bear will feel less glum,
cuz as he chew ya he won’t have yer screams and moans!”

So it’s just not colder but also darker,
as guided on by elder barkers,
for when you’re Inuit “it” is “Uncle” soon yer cry’n.

thus with Fahrenheit you too be fall’n,
till your short tail someone’s scrimshawin’,
elder at forty they’re to you coldly applyn’.
('n no matter how much fancy fish oil soon yer dy’n.)

(I should qualify my fiction by stating, per a study by the Canadian NIH, that the average life expectantcy for the native Inuit is 66.6 years. And it ain’t the polar bears, walrus, nor Bering, but injuries, poisoning, neoplasms or respiratory disease that usually gets ya. So, avoid the radiated bait on dull hooks whilst fishin’ for walrus in polar bear country in a moth-eaten ratty skinned umiak…while chain smokin’ HavaTampas)

Oh. Sheesh on me! Thanks again Erik for the wonderful pics and write-up! And may good patchin’ find your Outrage stemmed. (Or so you “a-ledge.”)


Good Lord. I’m at a loss for words. :shushing_face:

Well, I’ll be honest with ya Double-A. After be’n around these haunts of paddlers a few years, there’s more than a few here that would wish the same upon me. However, there were a few that expressed their gratitude, mentioning they held substantial shares in aspirin producing pharmaceutical companies.

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Be that as it may, I do have respect for an honest man. Carry on. :+1:

As it turned out, a little too cold to paddle this weekend. The hiking wasn’t bad though…

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