salt water canoe fisheing

Hey guys new to the forum and realy to canoeing I just bought a O.T. guide 14-7 and I want to use it for fisheing the mangroves in south fla mostly oleta park and anne kolb. Is anyone from south florida and use their canoe for this type of fisheing and can share some set up ideas.



Believe Beachcamper uses a canoe
Last word, hers was a Vagabond. Wind is always a problem with tandem canoes.


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here is a link to a Florida specific paddle fishing site. They used to have some good articles on using a canoe for fishing the salt.

Along those lines, there’s a good review
of the Wenonah Vagabond as a salt water fishing platform. The author posts on p-net as beachcamper, I believe:

thank you
thanks guys great sight. Its cool haveing first hand knoledge on places that they are speaking about I think I will be able to gather tons of info from both sights and hopefuly be able to pass it on.

South FL fishing
Sharkbait, I hope you’ve been on the water and have been enjoying the fishing down here in So. FL.

I fish out of a solo canoe. I also fish out of a touring kayak and have owned SOT kayaks. Never have tried fishing solo out of a tandem canoe which is what the Osprey is. I do have friends that pole their canoes in the shallow waters of Biscayne Bay in search of bonefish and permit. For this you would need a wider canoe and a tandem like yours would be perfect! Hopefully, you can stand up and cast from your canoe? That’s the best way to fish the incredible shallow flats in our area. It’s all about sightfishing and the canoe has hands down advantage to a kayak in our inshore waters. There are friends of mine that can stand up in their kayaks but I haven’t been able to. They are MUCH more agile I guess :frowning:

Since I am also into distance paddling I opted for a very tippy solo that paddles like a dream, the Hemlock Kestrel. Not what I would recommend as a “pure fishing canoe” but it is a good compromise for solo touring/fishing use. I have it set up for sitting and kneeling which I do when sightfishing. Can’t stand in it either :frowning:

I still think the Wenonah Vagabond is a great solo canoe for fishing our waters. If you ever want to fish Southern Biscayne Bay, drop me a PM.