saltwater fishing yak?

Can anyone tell me which SOT fishing yaks do well in the ocean? the bimini and some OK yaks don’t do well from what I have heard. What about the WS tarpons or the OK Prowler? or the cobras or malibu’s? or even some of the necky SOT which might do well?

Check With Spike
Check out Coastal Kayak Fishing. Dennis Spike has reviews. He mostly fishes SOCAL and Mexico, but they also have a Florida fishing board.

The OK Scupper Pro was long the main saltwater fishing boat on both coasts. Opinions still out on the Prowler, but if I were to buy a costal fishing boat, I would probabably buy one…

The Tarpon 16 is real popular on the east cost, but not so many out here.

The Necky Dolphin is a little too tippy for fishing big water.

"kayak fishing", and stand back!

You’ll get an ear and eyeful of advice from experts around the US -and quite probably from around the rest of the world, too!

Like many, I really like my S-Pro TW -I’ve put in a flush-mount rod holder, paddle clips that also act as anchor traveler guides, and I bungee in a basket in the TW that has a couple of rocket launchers attached to it in which I take 2 other rods… The WS T-140 is a pretty nice fishing machine, and a friend of mine can stand and flycast in his on calm flat water like the bonefish flats of the Keys. Many now swear by the Prowler as a good evolution of the S-Pro TW (it IS a nice boat), and big (BIIIIG) guys swear bythe Drifter. All 3 are by OK.

The pedaled Hobies have their proponents, and there’s a ton of others -go to the websites you turn up, visit the fishing board right here at, and if you can, try some out in your neck of the woods.

Pretty soon you’ll be taking a rad and gear to engage in piscatorial pursuits as you

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

Stripers and yaks
I forget the exact details but I do know a teenager pulled one of the biggest stripers of the summer(typically not a real fast paced time of year) out of the drink with an ocean kayak…

Sots for fishing
I have a Cobra Tourer that I like a lot. I also owned a Prowler for a few months, it was also very nice, smooth paddling and fast, but I like my Tourer better, storage and room for my legs and feet - I found the Prowler to be a little confining in the cockpit.

The best bet is to try out some sit on tops before you make your decision. The new Tarpon 160 coming out not too far down the road will have a tankwell and the hump in the seat that caused some discomfort has been removed. Also the new Prowler 130 is now in production and this model will have more foot room and the same great hull design as the 15 footer.

I rented a Caper by Ocean Kayak and I’ll be getting one when I can as a second sit on top, I was very impressed with it for a small yak.

There are a lot of choices and you probably would not go wrong with a few of them, but paddle first if you can.

Right, but if it is a Blue…
keep it in the water, not the yak.

One of my sons has a nice scar on his calf where he brought a blue into his Carolina.



Fishing SOT’s
You couldn’t go wrong with the OK Scupper Pro TW, Prowler or the WS Tarpon 160. All great kayaks for fishing. My personal favorites are a toss up between the Scupper and the Tarpon 160.

Perception Bimini
Great saltwater fishing boat. Nice areas to place rod holders and tankwell for bait bucket.

yea but my question is about the actual kayak handling waves and the ocean.There is one person on this forum who is for sure OK are POS’s. I know there are a lot of good fishing yaks out there but what about handling ocean conditions.

Not sure what POS means, but OK boats are designed for the west coast where surf and swells are much bigger. I know they can handle Floirda coastal conditions.

OK is not POS
I don’t know the Prowler, but the Scupper Pro is very good in open water. I’ve seen guys in Scuppers contentedly fishing in wind and wave conditions that would chase most kayakers off the water.

they are pieces of shit. Even in some of the boat reviews on here a few say Ocean Kayak has nothing to offer. I can conclude that it does vary from person to person and no one in the world agrees on which are the best.I mean when your looking at them they all like great but how do they perform is the question.

Scupper Pro
is an exceptional SOT for rough water conditions. Rides waves and swells quite easily and feels quite stable doing it.

I think the Scupper handles rougher water way better than my Tarpon 160.

I don’t fish but see lots of OK boats
but I see lots of guys who do out here.

One guy catches large Marlin out of his boat, I think it is a drifter. You can find stories about him on the web. Ocean Kayaks seem to be the boats I see furthest out to sea fishing, usually scupper pros and scramblers . They are routinely going out through surf that you rarely have in Florida.

today, buddy theres a lot of surf in Florida today seadart. It is actually sunny and breezy right now. very nice weather out now

JAX Pier
JAX Pier was bigger than SteamerLane yesterday. Surfline said it was 4-5 foot with occaisional to 7’

But that happens maybe once a year.

So who was it that said OK was a POS, and where does he go boating?

worthy of a Frenzy or maybe even a Witch these days…!

'Course, there’s a DIFFERENT reason for that: Frances…

But it isn’t QUITE my cup of tea, ESPECIALLY on the I, ROTFLMAO!

I look forward to gettin Frances, and THEN “Ivan the we hope he aon’t so Tewrrible” off our backs so we can get out on the water and once again

Paddle On!

-Frank In Miami

Malibu eXtreme
Ive had one about a year now and still think its the best fishing SOT on the market.Ive tried most every SOT except the new Tarpon 140 and Cobra Tourer.Lot of nice boats available but overall i think this one is the way to go for big waters.Good luck!