Saltwood Reggie Paddle?

I recently tried one of these out and was super impressed. I think that I may pull the trigger on one!

Really smooth in the water, nice flex, and yes…really easy to roll and brace with. The floatation of the blade is unlike any other paddle I have used.

Anyone else out there using one of these?

Curious to hear feedback from others before I buy.

There were some threads in this here …
Great paddle for sea kayaking (I only tried the 200cm bent shaft) on flat and white water, both in sea kayak and in a playboat WW kayak. liked it better than the larger version. Not as smooth as a Werner Cyprus since it is essentially a flat blade with a bulge at the back as opposed to foil-shaped one with volume all over. It is a bit heavier but still pretty light. I personally liked the wider and closer to the blades spacing on the shaft compared to most other sea kayak paddles, which is good for rough water and play (still too far inside for harder white water use). The bends are in-line with the center line, so you do not get the forwardly offset blade feel like you do with a Lendal or with Wing paddles (each has advantages and disadvantages depending on use). Lastly, being a one piece big blade design places some limitations on how you can use it as a spare paddle or stow and transport it compared to a 2-piece or more sectional paddle…

PNet reviews
Theres a few reviews here;

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great paddles
I had made a post about these paddles a couple of months ago. I think they are great paddles and really like them. They have a really nice feel to them. They just feel really nice in the water and have super floatation for rolling, etc.

I actually just listed mine for sale on the for sale board if you are interested in it. Only selling it because I want to a shorter one