Salvador Dali Kayaks!

It’s been hot this summer. This adds a new dimension to the meaning of folding kayaks!

Photo sent to me from somewhere off the interweb.

Poor support system. I suspect some mechanical force .

Next sunny day just flip it over.

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Some days I feel the same way as that kayak.


A Tailgaters Dalliance

In some perception of time,
a stern end lets down scupper.
All folded hands time on deck,
sinks this tale its last supper.

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Do you think when asked “How was your day?” they responded with “I had a meltdown”?

My guess is past one of the stupidest ways I have seen to haul a boat as they could have dropped the tail gate and had another 18” of support by putting it inside the bed.

I would say ether a jerk that didn’t like rec-kayaks or a kid that didn’t know any better or felt destructive was involved.

No doubt the sun was involved and perhaps someone saw the mounting job and decided to test it and when the boat looked extra flexible finished it off. Likely the same person took the photo.