Sam's Club kayak

About 4 or 5 years ago I bought a rec kayak from Sams Club. Its about 10 ft long yellow top with white bottom & black rubber seam cover. It has a decal on the fore deck that reads Rogue River. I’m not sure of the construction material - its not poly plastic but seems to be some sort of thin hard plastic material. Dose anyone know anything about this kayak as far as to who the manufacturer was and what the construction material might be? It cost about $350. and is actually a pretty good little kayak as far as rec kayaks go.

a guess…
I’ve seen the kayaks at Sam’s club and they are typically poly although it may be a different formulation. Regardless of what they are named, odds are they were produced by Watermark.

The first 3 characters on the HIN
will tell you. Forinstance, if it is Watermark, the first three characters will be WEM or DAQ. You can look it up yourself at


BJ S and Costco
I am looking for a second kayak for my son and am considering one from Costco. Its made by Mainstream kayaks.

Rogue River SI10
I’ve had 2. The material is impact resistant High-Density High Molecular Weight polyethylene.

Specs: Length 10’, Beam 31", Height 14 1/2", Weight 50#, Capacity 240#. Added flotation fore and aft. Not designed for ClassII rapids and above. Manufactured in the USA by Leisure Life Limited.

Thanks to everyone who replied and special thanks to waterdg. I think you nailed it.

Mini-review ?
The daughter of my boss is thinking about buying one of those from Sams Club just to use in a couple of ponds and some local flat water. I doubt that it will get used much.

How does it paddle?



My wife uses this boat for the most part although I do paddle it occasionally. It paddles well for a wide short kayak and is quite stable. I also have an old town otter which is a similar size and somewhat prefer it, as it is slightly narrower. I use these boats mainly for fishing in small creeks here in the ozarks. I have larger boats for the lakes. The sams club boat is a good boat for a small lake/pond play boat, but a little heavy for its size.

Your review made me look above at the kayak weight.

The girl that is interested is a tiny high school cross country runner and probably doesn’t outweigh the kayak by much.

Thanks again


Rogue River SI 10
Go ahead and buy one. Your daughter can drag it. They’re almost indistructable. Suitable either for child or adult. Mine had paddle included with yak. Bunge on aft deck for cargo packs. Great for lakes, slow streams, ponds, or any flat water. For the money a great trainer, and easy resale.