San Antonio Area Paddlers

I know most of y’all are not Texans but I have met a few folks from this board that are. Our local site Luv2Paddle and originator David McMahan put together a forum for the San Antonio area. I just thought I’d let everyone know that if you live in Texas or visit our fine nation :slight_smile: stop by the site to hook up with locals and see something besides the Alamo nested next to the River Center Mall. There are some beautiful rivers running through the Hill Country within 40 - 50 miles of town. Some of the local clubs such as the Alamo City Rivermen, Saturday Paddlers, and Hill Country Paddlers will hopefully discover the board and use it as a place to post organized trips as well as individuals looking for paddling friends. Hope to see y’all on the Guad, Medina, San Marcos, or Frio someday!

God Bless. Dwayne Scates

Cool site
I am a San Antonio paddler. For about another 6 weeks. Then I’ll be moving to Maine. Good luck with the site. The only thing I regret is not getting on the Guadalupe more, well and the Medina too. I just wish there were more access sites to Hill Country water. The place is beautiful and the water is so clean and clear. I’m sure I’ll miss it. Especially about February!

Thanks for the heads up Scates.

I found that site a while back when looking for used boats and trying to sell a couple. It is a good site. Glad there is a forum for SA paddlers now maybe that will be a help.


Wish we’d have made some fishing trips on the rivers. Boerne is going to be kinda lonely without you guys!

Still got some time left in May. If you get the urge to paddle the Allagash you’ve got a paddle partner and a place to hang your hat up in the Maine Northwoods.

Sounds Good
I’ve got a dream trip in mind where I head up the east coast. Hitting Raystown, a trip with the Duckheads. Look up some of the Mass. folks, now wind up in Maine. Seems like there are a couple of Nova Scotia paddlers here too.

Might have to learn some kayak skills so that I can paddle with those dark side folks.