San Diego Bay

I am doing a week in San Diego moving from San Diego Bay to Mission bay to La Jolla Bay and am wondering what the rules are for shore camping there.

I understand about Campland and motels but am thinking about just beach camping on the bays (not the ocean shore).

There are a number of State Beaches in San Diego, you need to check to see if they are on your route, otherwise check with each city to determine rules and regs on beach camping…it may or may not be allowed

contact jen at Aqua Adventures
Jen Kleck of Aqua Adventures would be the local expert to ask.

Hopefully she will have good news, but I fear not. When Matt Krizan paddled the entire California coast, he ended up staying with kind soles (including with Jen) from when he left the Channel Islands until he reached the Mexican border.


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possible…bring a fishing rod land at twilight leave before dawn…in a discrete location.

If paddling down the coast are landings at state beaches n tent overnight permissible ?