San Diego Birding Festival

Is anyone else interested in attending this 5-day festival? Nathan Pieplow of bird sounds “fame” will be one of the presenters, and Dr. Kevin McGowan, the keynote speaker among other things, spent decades studying one of my favorite birds, the crow.

The festival is based out of Mission Bay, though trips go all around. Yes, there is even a birding-from-kayaks trip.

I went 2 years ago, and enjoyed it. It was a good respite from our Colorado winters, and a good chance to pick up some new birds. It was well organized and the field trips I went on were productive. I had very good results birding on my own as well though, and could look at the bird lists and ebird reports from the festival outings to pick up specific birds that I wanted to see.

i did not do the kayak trip, although I saw them go. Fairly low-end rec tandem SOTs for the most part, but everyone looked like they were having fun. I did go on one the pelagics, which was quite enjoyable. Feel free to send me a private messageif you’d like more info, bird lists, etc.

I would not sign up for the kayaking trip but several other outings and lectures are of interest, including the pelagics one.

Birding by sound has always attracted me, so this festival stands out as extra-special. I’ll send you a private msg.

Way too far away for me but it sounds great. I’ve been getting more and more into identifying birds… especially by ear. Please give us a report if you attend.

Will do, Rex.

I registered right when it began this morning, and one of the trips I wanted was already full. Got all the others on my list, though.

That leaves me with a few nice blocks of time to bird on my own, which is doable nearby even without a car. It is also not that far from Aqua Adventures…