San Diego Outfitter?

Wife and I are going to be in the San Diego area the second week in November, and are looking for recommendations for kayaking - an outfitter offering trips, or rentals. Not looking for whitewater trips. Thanks.

Aqua Adventures Mission bay

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If in the LaJolla area, LaJolla Kayak Company & Aqua Adventures same street I believe

Happy "Cali" Paddling billinpa

Aqua-Adventures sounds like what you are looking for. Also if you want ocean paddling instruction check out Jeff Laxier at Liquidfusionkayak. He offers instruction in ocean and surfkaying. He is a real good guy and patient teacher. A private lesson would be a great way to be exposed to kayaking on the San Diego coast. Not much whitewater going on in this area come November anyway.

Second the Aqua Adventures Recomendation
Jen, the owner, has put on some training classes for the LA club ( She’s an outstanding teacher and runs some great tours out of her San Diego shop. The La Jolla sea caves is a nice trip.

I can recommend Aqua Adventures
from personal experience. All good experiences both at the shop and with instruction in rolling.

Also welcome to stop by our shop too.

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We are less than a minute from Mission Bay and you are welcome stop by. If you wish, you may take out our paddles and boats anytime.

We also know where all the 'real' Asian resturants are.

Info in email ..... also highly recommend Jeff as well @

His life is in his work.

Forgot ... we are less than 5 minutes from AA .... 10 by water.

Aqua-Adventures is THE place to go :slight_smile:

And Jeff is one of my favorite kayak instructors.

For relaxing paddles, check out the calendar at Family Kayak Adventures. Marie is very calm and patient.

Liquid Fusion Kayaks
Jeff is an awesome teacher and all around waterman. Aqua Adventures is good too for heading out of Mission Bay or doing a night paddle or heading out with a group for a paddle or instruction. Go with Jeff for a more personalized tour. Jeff has multiple 4 star BCU certifications also.

Chuck, never seen a AA group go beyond
the 5mph buoy. Does that really happen : ) ??? L ing OL here… Jeff is his own man.

I think Chuck meant coastal paddles

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they are pretty good trips with A-A to get some mild Open Ocean experience either froj LJ shores to Mission bay or the Mission Bay to San Diego Bay paddle.

I have to confess I am big fans of both Jeff and Jenn. Hope they can both find their niche markets here. I've taken trips with both and learned a lot and was very impressed at their kayaking skills and what nice people they are.

{A few years ago after labor day when there were only two handfulls of paddlers on the Thursday evening paddle the AA group went out to the red buoy to watch the sea lions and then caught some swells or boat wakes in the channel mouth ... now that I think of it I think that was Greg and Jeff ... I think Chuck was there too but it's been three or four years ago. }

Aqua adventures for mission bay, but
If you want to check out the La jolla sea caves there are several rental shops at La jolla Shores. They pretty much rent SOT’s but the area is a nice place to explore.