San Francisco Bay Area launch sites

A friend of mine is trying to improve on the Bay Access map ( by adding information about launch sites and such. The Bay Access site looked great, but in the pasyt year or two never had data updated on specifics launch sites.

My friend took this information and put it on a Wiki, so anyone can add data to the sites. If you want to check it out and add info on your favorite San Francisco Bay launch sites, check out

If this works well, I am hoping he expands it to other areas. Doing the Ocean launch sites from Monterrey to Mendocino would be a great addition.

Thanks for posting that link. Looks to be a very handy resource for Bay Area paddlers!

Fairfield/Suisun Area
Suisun has a very nice harbor with flat water that you can paddle. This will put you into the 120,000 acre Grizzly Isl WMA which is full of both small rivers/slues as well as some narrow (5-10foot wide) cannals. The striper and bass fishing are excellant and while paddling you may see quail, pheasant and a very large resident herd of Tule elk. Back at the Harbor is a very good early morning breakfast place called Bab’s which is very popular and for a nice lunch or dinner there is a Greek restaurant both of which are within a minute walk of the launch point.

Northern Calif Kayak Website
Here is another site I ran across sometime in the past with some good info…

am I missing something
I went to that link, and didn’t find any resources on the site, just the opportunity to buy books that could be a resource. Am I missing something?

Thanks for posting this info
I visit SF quite often, and this will come very useful.

“Some info”… :slight_smile:
Its not a comprehensive site but there are a half dozen lakes on there with directions etc. I havent gone to any of them with this site as a guide but just bookmarked it for future use. I just posted it because it does have some info which I suppose is better than no info?

I see it now
My apologies if I came off huff.

Point Reyes National Seashore.
Has much to offer, including opean coast and sheltered bays. And Kayak camping. Ans a lot of nature.

Now California launch sites are up
My friend has expanded the site some, and now has an area for all of California at Not many sites listed there yet, but it does have a way for people to enter sites (which requires the GPS coordinates).

If this all works out, he will possibly expand this beyond CA.