San Francisco Kayak trips

Looking for reccomendations on trips out of the San Franciso area.

Check out Bolinas, Pt. Reyes.
Monterrey bay is close by, Elkhorn Slough … oh and the Bay looks interesting but I have not paddled there.

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and drop acid in the Haight. Seriously, what kind of paddling are you looking for?

in or out of?
a few hours, put in at Sausalito then around Angel Island and back.

an hour and a half, Pt Richmond around Red Rock and back.

the list goes on,contact BASK

Try Sea Trek Adventures located in Sausalito.

They could get you a boat and they do tours.

Your post said nothing about the type of paddling you wanted to do, or your skills or experience. The SF Bay in general is not a good place for an inexperienced solo paddler on a visit. The exposed side of Angel Island can be very challenging depending on the tides, currents, and wind (don’t ask me how I know).

Getting on a tour, or connecting with one of the guides could be a lot of fun, and the people there are great. You can paddle protected waters, or go out the Golden Gate, depending on what you want to do.

ceck this post

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A variety of options covered here:

But, of course, Tsunamichuck has it right. Let us know more details about what you are looking for, so we can provide better guidance. We have just about anything you could want, from whitewater a few hours away to surf kayaking to paddling mellow sloughs or reservoirs to paddling open ocean.

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