San Juan River Camps

I’ve got a permit for the Mexican Hat to Clay Hills stretch of the San Juan River. They’ve changed the lower section camping regs, so you have to sign up for campsites when you send your permit in. I’ve only done Bluff to Mexican Hat, so I’m not familiar with the downstream sites. The plan is to stay one night at Slickrock and then the last night at Steer Gulch or Oljato. Anyone have any suggestions for the best sites…Slickrock A, B, C, D, or E; Trimble; Grand Gulch; Oljato; or Steer Gulch? Thanks!

San Juan camping
We are leaving Saturday for our trip on the San Juan, but the following was suggested by someone who has done it before.

Slickhorn B, C, D, but not A, which is upstream of the rapid.

Steer Gulch

I will be able to give you a personal report in a couple of weeks. :wink:


san whan
Im not much help but if you can still get a permit for the south side on the res. for hiking take advantage of some of the canyons to explore. We found 6 full Anasazi Pots, one was about three feet high and full of mini corn cobs and about a ton of other pottery chards. Obvously we did not remove them. The ruins are great on that side too,

have fun

Sounds like a number of sites are still
not subject to sign-up. Not sure why they would bother with signup for Steer Gulch.