Sand Sleds

Anyone experimented with a sled, to haul a kayak. Looking at better ways, to get my kayaks to the water. Ocean dunes are a back breaker, to carry a 50+lb sea kayak,over to the launch zone. Cart’s with “sand" tires, struggle with the loose sand, on the dune valleys. Any one try a snow style sled, to transport a kayak. Toying with trying skis in place of tires on a cart. Anyone been there , or tried that.

That sounds like a real drag (snort). If wheels don’t work, maybe some kind of platform with full-width rollers under it?

Maybe get a bunch of those cheapo blow-molded plastic wheels off kids’ ride-em toys and line them up side-to-side on a single axle under the platform. Add a handle to pull it with.

If it is just soft fine white sand why not just attach a short piece of rope to the front toggle/handle and pull it ?

We use to use 'Cat Trax" to move heavy catamarans down the beaches.
If these wont work I don’t know what will.…0…1…gws-wiz-img…35i39j0.XPp_b8SgnGo

I think skis would just dig in and be a nightmare. They sell plastic sleds for dragging deer out of the woods. Seems like you could first try just dragging your kayak through the sand to see how much effort it takes since a plastic sled would probably take similar effort as just dragging the boat. Overall I think rolling friction is less than sliding friction so I’d wonder if a better cart with taller/wider sand tires might still be your best option.

May try to add ballon tires, to one of my carts. That maybe the best option. Just not in my DNA, to drag my sea kayaks anywhere, except during beach landings. But I am also not built, to lug a ~50+ pound kayak; over a hundred yards, through sand dunes either. Thanks.