Sanding kevlar edges

I’m installing new wood gunwales, and am concerned they might not line up just perfectly. If I have a bit of the edge protruding, and I try to sand it, will there be disaster? Should I cut it?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Kevlar Caused
The industry to select rabbeted rails. If your rails do not have a rabbet, manufacture one.

Rabbet worked!
It was a bit stressful pushing a 17’ length of gunwale through, but I managed to get an excellent rabbet on both outwales. I’m not the best woodworker, but that sure was satisfying after 30 minutes of setting up the saw and all testing the depth and thickness over and over.

Thanks again for the tips.

Oh, and Mr. Wilson - I quite enjoyed the video of the old v. new canoe making. I knew what vacuum bagging was, but hadn’t seen it done. Now I want to see a carbon/kevlar canoe with gunwales attached with spruce root. Come to think of it, maybe that’s what I will do with my exposed rivet holes!