Sandles for over stocking-foot waders

I have a set of generic sandles that I strap over my waders, with mixed success.The don’t really fit right over the “stockings” and they get instantly water-logged and heavy. Finding things that fit OVER the “stockings” seems to be difficult. I am looking for some water-proof sandles to wear over the waders. I was thinking about just running waterproof pants and mucks, but that’s a lot of dough. Even the mucks are pricey and I would have to get a size (or two) bigger than I normally wear and couldn’t use them WITHOUT the waders…

What have you guys done for foot wear over stocking foot waders?

Crocs Trailbreaks
I reviewed them on my blog here:

I really like them. Over the years I tried all sorts of shoes, sandals and boots and nothing has worked nearly as well. I got a size 12 I can wear an 11 or a 12 in most shoes but I’m using the 12 completely loose with the waders and tightened with just socks.

Don’t the Trailbreaks allow gravel to get in between your feet and whatever sock you have on? I don’t wear regular Crocs sandals when paddling where there will be rocks and gravel for that reason. The tread on the Trailbreak looks very good though.

I’ve been looking at the Quicktrail because it looks like it will let in less crap, what with the collar at the ankle. Plus it has drainage holes in the sole, which is hard to find.

Wading boots
I purchased wading boots to wear with stocking foot waders. Mine are light weight and drain water well without letting gravel or rocks in (rock guartds on the waders help.)


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hi....u didn't mention specifically what you were using the waders for or if they are neoprene and the mm thickness or if they are the nylon type stocking foot.... if it's just to keep dry while getting in and out of a boat, crocs work ok for that but they don't stay on very well in muck and mud or stream wading.
Wading shoes work the best for staying on in all terrain but they are big and heavy when u get them wet, and they may not fit inside a kayak if you don't have sufficient interior deck height. The prob with buying over size shoes is , you get the length but not the width you need for going over stocking foot waders, especially neoprene which can be up to 5mm thick or thicker. Specialized Wading shoes are the only shoe made w/ proper width for going over neoprene waders. neither Chota or NRS have designed a overshoe with proper width for waders as yet. the neoprene "Flats" wading shoe , sold thru BassPro, does not fit over neoprene waders and even over the thin, nylon style waders ..its a very tight fit, not enuf width. Dont forget you will being wearing socks under the waders. hope this all helps. check out these crocs >quicktrail low,default,sc.html?start=24&sz=12

Keen water sandals I don’t know what the shoe is specifically called. But they are wonderful. I wear them over my water proof socks and neoprene booties for launching when the water is cold. And without socks for kayaking in the summer. They have toe protection and keep the rocks out pretty well. I’ve owned them since I think they were introduced about five years ago. They are still in great shape.

Ryan L.

Those looked promising
But out of stock. I think that I might look for a pair of wading boots but they seem pretty bulky for use in the sit-inside.

I guess keens might work for some
But they were no where close to big enough for me. Neoprene waders have a much wider and bigger foot than water proof socks or dive booties.

Wading SHOES…

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Korkers (brand?/model?)...but have good shapes and velcro straps.
Simms make some good shoes...

*Take a look at a *Gear edition of some of the flyfishing mags...

Remember, they're finding out that its the felt that is transporting milfoil & the other dangerous weeds from waters to waters...

You don’t mention what you’re using them for, but waders have no business in a boat of any kind, they will pull you under water if filled, bad idea.

Bill H.

Bill H.
You don’t know what you are talking about. I suspect you have not owned waders or done any swimming with waders. It is no more difficult to swim in waders than in a dry suit.

They waders will let in about a quart or two of water so you’ll be wet like in a wet suit, but you won’t sink.

Look up Wader myth on youtube for examples.