Santa cruz raptor kayaks

I own both sck models. Ive had the sit in for two years or so and the sot since last may. I loved the sit in for the dry ride in colder months. The sot is my go to yak. It paddles and tracks well, turns fairley quick and standing is easy as pie. I regularly throw a 7 ft radius cast net from the raptor while standing. I fish alot of diffrent water, lakes, salt, rivers etc. all in this yak. It has been a real pleasure to paddle and fish from them. The weight of the sot is right around 60 lbs. Rigged its about 80+/-. Not bad to portage in fact easier than most ive been in. I opted to get the live bait tank with mine, and I am able to keep even shad alive. I hope you will give them a look.