Santa Cruz Water Temps October

From what I can figure out from buoy data it look like the water there is ~ 52-54 F the middle of October, what do surfers wear, I don’t think my 3-2 wetsuit is going to cut it for being in the water much.

3mm Farmer John and Fleece Top
A 3mm Farmer John and a Mysterioso top works for me, but I have become acclimatized to cold water. It would not work for a prolonged exposure. You could beef it up a little with a polypro underwear.

Board surfers wear a full 3mm.

You coming up to the Nationals?

You Doing The "Nationals?"
FWIW, when I was out there last winter, water temp was 50 but air temps in the 70’s. The water felt mild compared to NE. :slight_smile: I wore farmer john, rash guard and a drytop. It felt perfect, occaisonally rolling to keep cool.

I am glad that DJ has stepped up to the plate to get the “Nationals” running. (Too much bickering. Better to do something.) This event is out of my league. I’ll save my time and money for the Santa Cruz Surf Festival after the new year. I’ll need a dose of warmer water temps and sun by then. :slight_smile:


Hi Val,
Some discussion of this topic recently came through on the WSK listserv and it seems most of us are in agreement that mysteriosa fleece as a liner(or something similar), under a 3mm farmer john works well for most of us, given how long we are likely to spend in the water, coupled with our air temps (October is usually beautiful here and can be quite warm). If you were going to paddle a longer distance in the open ocean, or were paddling solo on a chilly day, you might want to think about a drysuit.

Are you planning a trip north to visit your son?

Spring Water Temps
As you said, the spring water temps are down to about 50. Maybe just me, but I notice a big difference between 52-54 and 50.

Fall water temps are the warmest of the year.

Surf Contest

– Last Updated: Sep-15-04 10:27 PM EST –

There is supposedly going to be a kayak surf contest for experts to determine "National Champion" . I'm not worthy to surf with this crowd, but like to watch to learn a bit. There is a chance of picking up a used surf yak. I'm wondering if it is actually going to happen; if enough people are signing up. Yup; Ian says he would like to go see it if he has time and talked me into it so I guess he does not mind if his Dad comes to visit. I wonder if he isn't going to be super busy buy then, my freshman year was quite an adjustment. We would probably try to surf a bit at Davenport. I wonder if I could rent dry tops up in Santa Cruz?

Underwear in wet suit?
I think I would have to lose another 15 pounds to get anything else in my full suit.

Sounds Like…
a grand trip… Time with the son, watch the expert surf yakkers, get a little surfing in together and pick up a SURF KAYAK! YeeHaw!!!


PS - Is it my imagination, or has SZ really gotten more negative recently? Competition pushes folks to the edge and increases skill levels. But, jeeeze… folks are forgetting the STOKE. Time for more expression sessions.

Val, I don’t know about dry top
rentals, but try Kayak Connection and tell them why are coming. I am working that weekend, but was thinking of heading over on Sat. afternoon since I only work for a few hours in the morning. I love Davenport.

I have received info on this event through the WSK listerv and I think it is definitely happening. Mark at Kayak Connection will know for sure.

Have fun and drop me a line if you head up.

Okay, My Interest Is Piqued…

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what potential surf boat have you lined up?


PS. If you say Micro Mako, I may just cry...

Hey Val,
I may be able to lend you a semidry top. Drop me a line.

Nah its an original Mako
I was going to try to get down to about 185, but I am making very slow progress, so I might just go with the Mako. I’m not sure how good of shape it is in, and I keep thinking maybe I should just get a waveski…

OK Thanks for info all
Chuck I may be able to get one down here, right now I would put the trip probability at about 60%, so it’s not definite yet.

Surf Zone
When I started out I got some really useful information from there, but it seems like a fairly hostile environment now. Hard to say though, some of these people who sound nasty on the board are really nice in person. I’m just an amateur and like to have fun surfing, I’m improving really slowly and look like a kook with my PFD and Helmet, but I have a good time. I surfed yesterday morning before work with about 500 boardies in Lajolla, only got three good rides, but felt upbeat, healthy and relaxed afterwards, always makes my day better.


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The latest word I have is the contest will be held at Davenport. I was there for an expression session last year.

The cool thing about Davenport is that even when it is huge on the right, like triple overhead, the channel to the outside is easy, and you can just hang out there and watch. But last year I was hanging out in the middle when a set of huge 20' swells came thru. Thank god they did not break on me....Stay away from the left side alltogether.

I doubt I will go just to watch the other guys surf, but if I happen to be around, I will check it out. Already making plans for fall trips to the coast. Mayeb next weekend.

I am almost ready to just give up on the idea of kayak surfing. I just don't get enough time to do it right, but if I start feeling it again, I may start looking for waveskis. Maybe an Island Egg shape.... Should have bought one when they were 30% off at Kayak Connection last year...

BTSZ gets pretty hostile, and most of the discussioon is about closed deck boats, so I have never registered. I have talked personally with Vince and I think the longstanding bad feelings toward Byron are very sincere....

I Like The Look Of Mako
shape of the Tri plane (forgiving) hull. Mako is too big for me. Also IC. I’d rather have a HP with tri fins. But, heck, if the price is right…

Last weekend I surfed with someone who just moved up to the Cyclone (IC class) from a Jive. Even though he didn’t used the fin option, I a noted a big difference in his rides with the Cyclone from when he was in the jive. Alot more carving and turning opposed to sliding with the Jive.


It’s in Davenport:)

You Know…
I can’t say I’ve gotten much info out of there except to learn about Santa Cruz and then RISK…

I tend to learn more by doing (including getting myself trashed to really integrate a lesson). Given that, the negativity there doesn’t encourage me to participate. I much prefer our own local bulletin boards to call sessions together. More positive, more focus on the Stoke. And, if no one wants to go on a certain day, I go and stoke on my own. :slight_smile:

As I get older, I just don’t feel the need to get into the BS.


Original Mako is 9’6
I think a IC has to be over 3 meters, I know the IC mako is pretty long. But I know they are changing the specs so I have no idea whether the original is now a IC. Original is about as long as my Cobra Strike with similar nose rocker, and skinnier. They are really fast on a big wave, not sure how good for cutting back etc. We’ll see if it pans out or not.

I’ll let you know if I’m coming up
I want to make sure the contest is going off before I make firm plans. These things have a way of fizzling out. Two have fizzled out here in San Diego area in last year and and half.