Santa Paddle in Wickford Harbor

Its that time of the year when Santa makes the rounds visiting cities and towns getting kids excited for Christmas. Usually he arrives by fire truck, but in the coastal village of Wickford on Narraganset Bay in RI he arrives by fire boat, and our local club dresses up like elves and escorts him down the harbor into town.

Santa's elves are ready

Not your typical trip, but definitely a lot of fun. Few more pictures here:


I have always liked Wickford, and especially by water. My first kayak was a red decked Prijon 420 from Old Town purchased while stationed in Newport in 1983. I used it out of my grandmother’s summer home on Earle Dr in Lone Tree Point, to the south. I often paddled into “town” to admire the boats, homes and to grab a bite. Quonset Pt was another destination. My RI journeys began as a kid in the 70’s with my folks driving through the night from Greenville SC in a green Chevy station wagon. We alternated summer trips between Edisto Island SC and RI for numerous family scattered around the ocean state.

I did that a few times when I worked at the Kayak Centre. Lots of fun!

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Looks like a fun outing!

That’s awesome

Andy, we were similar but alternated between Edisto Beach and central Florida from Charleston
Only made it to New England once.

Hi Brodie. I remember you from the Kayak Centre - bought more than a few boats from Jake & Crew there!

Merry Christmas!

Scott Lovrien

Santa Penguin longboat surfing:

Hopefully, we’ll get surf on Christmas week vacation.


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Dang that water looked COLD! :cold_face:

If it ain’t frozen… :upside_down_face:


Ha - right!!

The water is about 54 degrees down here in Myrtle Beach right now but I am boatless so it doesn’t really matter I suppose!


Before too long the Canadians will be down swimming in it.