Santee, SC Lake Info Needed

My brother and I are considering spending a couple of days paddling & fishing in the Santee area (Lake Marion, Lake Moultre) and would like some info on this area (I’ve passed it on 95 and spent the night in the area – that’s the limit of my knowledge).

Any info would be helpful, including:

o Best places to put in

o Any accommodations on the water (not camping)

o Where to get fishing licenses, local info when we arrive

o Any unique safety concerns or considerations we should be aware of

o Anything else that might be helpful



– Last Updated: May-23-07 3:11 PM EST –

just what do you want to do? Fish or Kayack? I don’t Fish but I yack that area all the time, some good putins are near Santee State park. or better yet up stream in sparkleberry swamp. i live in the area so i dont know about accommodations, Santee state park has cabins. as for what to watch out for, HIGH SPEED BASS BOATS!!! Thats about it..

Both fishing and kayaking
We’re going to be both kayaking and fishing (from the yak).

I stayed at a place called Rocks Pond east off of I-26 and it was out of this world. Bend too many years t the last time I looked they had a web site running. I would suggest you go prepared for big fish and tons of underwater vegetation to use as cover. Think striper bass in a package as big as your boat and would pull you around the lake faster than the bass boats. That lake is known for big fish and Roland Martin has shown them on his shows. Roland may have a lodge/marina around the lake. Roland lives in Fla. now but may still have the property. Do not forget Lake Marion also, and there is a huge lake west of Greenville,Sc. off I-85 that some great bass were cough. Lake Hartwell is the name that slips the old man. Another access is Hwy 76 north toward Clayton, NC. Then if you want some whitewater try the Chat toga River. It is at the state lines of SC and NC. The old bridge from “Deliverance” movie is at the river crossing if still there. Use a guide service like Nathalia Outdoors.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m looking forward to the trip.