Saranac Kayak 14 ft.

I am interested in this kayak and I live in Florida but of course there are

no dealers in my area. So, if there is someone out there that lives close to the Orlando area and knows or has one of these kayaks, I would like to demo it if possible. These kayaks are pretty expensive and I don’t want to put out that much money without being able to paddle this boat and see how it handles. I am 5’2", 120 and currently own a Necky Manitou 14’ 4".

I have been paddling for 7 years so am not new to the sport.

Manitou 14
Do you have the composite Manitou 14? I have a Saranac 14 and have paddled a Manitou 14. The handling will be very similar. Any particular concerns? I understand that no words can compare to an actual test paddle.

Saranac Kayak 14 ft.
I do have the Manitou composite 14’ 4" and also the rotomold material

in the same boat. I am looking for the same size but lighter boat. My

concern is I paddle in rivers that have limestone, Suwanee, Peace and Santa Fe so I am wondering how well the kevlar, carbon holds up in these

type of situations. I also like to camp out of my boat so is there enough

room in this boat for the usual equipment for a few overnight trips? I don’t abuse my boats but I intend to use them just not sure at this point the direction to take. Thanks for any in put.

Saranac 14
Before I ordered the Saranac 14(kevlar/skeg) I considered a Manitou 14 composite. What I did not like about the Manitou was that the Skeg cable was right in the middle of the rear compartment. I have run over rocks and reefs, sometimes you end up with a scratch in the gel coat but I have yet to repair the gel coat in 3 years. So I will say the boats are very durable and don’t worry about scratches in the gel coat. You should have plenty of storage space fore and aft for a overnight trip. The Saranac has more usable storage space than the Manitou.

Saranac Kayak 14 ft.
Great information! Also if your Saranac has a skeg, where does the cable run? I agree with you in that the cable for the Manitou really makes it inconvenient to load gear in the stern. Also, what does your boat weigh and do you have the Kevlar/Carbon boat or just the Kevlar? I think with your information, I will probably sell my Necky Composite and put that towards the Saranac and I really appreciate your candor. Its much better to get info from someone who actually paddles the boat than from the dealer who is mainly interested in selling the boat so will tell you anything.

Thanks again, you have been very helpful.

You’re going to sell Bubba, your red Necky? I can’t believe it.

Saranac 14
I have the Kevlar fusion version with the Sport hatch covers and the boat weighs 36 lbs with the skeg.I personally don’t think the all carbon version is worth another $400 for two pounds less weight.The skeg on my boat runs on the side of the hull till it’s get near the skeg box. The boat tracks well but the skeg comes in handy for those open water paddles when the wind kicks up. The seat is very comfortable, I have a lady friend who is petite and has the same boat which she loves. She actually rented one for a day before she bought hers. Maybe Sissy wants to buy Bubba?

Valley Gemini ST
If you are considering in this category - you should also look at the Genini ST by Valley Sea Kayak - weighing in at - 37lbs