Sarasota, Florida Paddlers?

Any Sarasota, Florida, paddlers out there? I’m new to kayaking and live near downtown Sarasota. I am looking for people to go kayaking with in Sarasota Bay. I am a retired woman, not into power paddling or overnight camping - just day trips around the bay. I love birds, the lovely Sarasota Bay scenery, and taking pictures from my kayak. My husband isn’t into kayaking, so I find myself going out solo, and it would be more fun (and probably safer) to go with others.



62 yr old widow paddles Ft. DeSoto +
Hi, My name is Lenny and I paddle up in the Tampa Bay area. Because of my business, I work afternoons and evenings and so do not do mornings. I’ve been down to Sarasota Bay once and it is beautiful. It’s kind of far, but perhaps if we could find a place in the middle to meet, I don’t have a paddling partner. I paddle Necky sit insides and have been paddling 7 years. If you are interested, I’m game. I’m easy going and don’t do a lot of power paddling, but do like to play around and go fast once in a while. I paddle on days my business is closed: Sun. and Wed. sometimes I play hooky on Tues.

Hit me up if you are interested. (I’ve been paddling Dunedin Causeway a whole bunch this summer.) I’m on my way to Marathon Key in the Keys for a week of camping and paddling. Again I don’t have a partner. Interested?

meetup groups
Check Enter a 25 or 50 mile radius around Sarasota…looks like you have many groups and hundreds of paddlers to explore areas with.