Saris out of the rack business?

I was about ready to order a Saris rack and was just looking up the part numbers I need…

Seems Saris drop the roof rack section out of their web pages. So the red lights went off. Are they getting out of the roof rack business? If that’s the case, it might mean difficulty getting parts in the future, like a new fit-kit if one change cars…

Anyone know anything?

I believe it is still there

I did a search for my vehicle, and got a hit on load bars and clips.



from their website…

Q. - I cannot find roof racks on your website. Have you stopped selling them?

A. - We choose to specialize in racks for the rear of the car. However, we do have an inventory of roof rack products available. If you are an existing roof rack customer and need replacement parts, we have them available. If you need to change parts to accomodate a new car, we do offer an upgrade program. Just give us a call for more information. 1-800-783-7257

That’s too bad…
…as their roof rack is superior to Yakima or Thule racks. Who knows, perhaps mine will become a collector’s item some day… :wink:

Agree -great rack
Too bad. My A3 had no fit solution - but the Audi (Mont Blanc) rack does the job.

Still have the Saris doing duty as a rack in the backyard - but sort of a waste.

worrisome issue
"we do have an inventory of roof rack products available. "

What if a year later I need to change car? How much longer do their “inventory” last befor I can’t find the right fit kit for the new car? And god forbid, if a small peice breaks and needs replacement?

I’m all for supporting the underdog, especially one that has better product. But for over $200 investment, I’m staring down a path of “no return”.

I guess it’s now clear why I had so much trouble even finding a dealer to order it from in the first place. I doubt they ever intend to stay in the roof rack business to begin with…

That sucks. I bought my talon roof rack this past spring.

just bought one
They have no set date for when they’re going to stop making the roof racks, they also said that they will continue to make the clips for the racks.

I just bought one and it’s a great rack, less $ than thule or yakima, better made, and easier to mount and unmount.

As far as the rack becoming outdated we just went from a 96 corolla to a 2006 corolla and we had a thule rack. We needed new mounts, new clips, and new locks, the only thing we could reuse was the cross bars. If we went with the newer thule system we would need new cross bars too. The cost of the Saris was less than updating the Thule.

Why should I worry about the Saris becoming outdated if my Thule racks also became outdated?