Satelite Phone Rental

Does anyone have any tips on renting a satelite phone for a Canadian trip?

Go with Iridium

I have rented Globalstar from outfitters in Canada (you dont say where you are going) and Globalstar system requires you to dedicate hours to your call.

I have wasted the equivalent of a whole afternoon on a week long trip to try to get a signal.

It may be possible to rent from someone locally up there. Just make sure its Iridium

uridium NOT globalstar!!!

thats ALL you need to know

Phone rentals
Typical rental rates are $200/month plus 2-3 bucks a minute. Summer is a busy time for them, so book it ahead of time.

TEST it at the store. We’ve gotten ones that had intermittent antennas, bad battery packs.

Bring a second battery.

Set up a routine contact protocol. E.g. We will phone every night around 8 p.m. If you don’t hear from us 3 days running, then send out the Mounties. This covers you if you lose your kit in a rapid. Besdies the people back at home will appreciate knowing that you are still alive.

Satellite Rentals

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I know this is a older post but a company we used for satellite phone rentals and vsat rentals is Mobil Satellite Technologies