Savage River Blackwater?

Has anyone paddled the Savage River Blackwater? I am considering it as a fast tripping canoe. How does it compare to an GRB Grasse River, Advantage, Prism?

Just buy something already
This must be the 5th or 6th boat you’ve asked this same question about in the past few weeks and I’m sure you’ll get the same answers you’ve gotten for all the others.

Yes, some people use it as a fast tripping boat and like it a lot.

Not trying to be rude, just trying to make the point that there are lots of boats out there that will work as a fast tripping boat but no one can tell you if they’ll work for you. Especially since I haven’t seen you mention what boats you already have experience with or what exactly you’d be asking the boat to do. You’re questions are too vague for anyone to offer any meaningful advice.


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Thanks for your comments. I had a Wenonah Advantage that I sold because I did not like how it handled rougher water with light load. I have since paddled a Shearwater,Osprey, Magic and Prism. I'm sure they would all work for my intended purpose, which is a canoe I could use for fitness/ work outs and to take on short trips(2-3 days) solo or longer trips accompanying my tandem(5 +). If I'm spending $2500-$3000 on another solo, I see no harm in asking other paddlers what canoes they have paddled and how they have used them.

where in upstate NY are you ?
I’m in St Lawrence Co, in way upstate NY.

I’ve got a GRB Classic (not XL) & a Wenonah Voyager you’re welcome to try if you get up this way ?

However, I found the Advantage I previously owned lots more stable than the Classic so it likely wouldn’t suit you

Savage River Blackwater
Hey - did you ever try the Blackwater? What was it like?

Savage River Blackwater
James - did you ever test drive this? I’m considering it myself?