Savage River Decked Blackwater canoe

Sexy looking boat.

Now calling it the Blackwater Kayak.

Why do you say kayak?

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It has seating options like the Mad River Monarch you sold me.

I cant pick on you too bad though. Savage River calls it kayak on their website

I hardly ever use a double in the Monarch.. now almost exclusively a single. And sitting fairly high. Its a canoe....

The Blackwater looks lower in height though. I cannot imagine sitting on the floor of the Monarch and using a kayak paddle!

I have to say Savage River has some neat new designs this year. Maybe the decked canoe has come of age as people less and less like to sit on the floor with arthrits limiting knee spread and getting up and down

They replied on FB that it’s a kayak.
In earlier replies, they had called it the Decked Blackwater canoe.

They said it can have either on the floor seating or a canoe seat with adjustable height and front/back trim.

David, did you read my post? NM

I was just pointing out that since it’s introduction, they appeared to have referred to it as both a decked canoe and a kayak, since it’s seating can be configured by the factory for either approach.

A lighter weight option for decked canoes should be well received.

deck ?

for what purpose ?

I propose a race ! between the Wing n Savage n ?


…J. Ericsson

mild conjecture

That’s the undecked original that’s been
around for a few years.

Its going to be interesting to find
what class this will race in. When the RapidFire came out there was a bit of a problem…was it canoe or kayak?

25 pound
17’ canoes are beyond my ken.

What’s that mean?

owning a 17’ 25 pound layup is beyond what my experience can grip. Ken is grip. Grok ? Umvelt ?

I do this with tent fabrics.

I mention it caws the syndrome is probably quite common.

Yeah, a 17’, 25 lb canoe is crazy light.

Pics on FB. Now called Falcon.
Unique seat positioning mechanism.

Cockpit size is customizable.

Gas pedal type rudder controls.


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Sexy indeed!
This thing should blow the doors off a Kruger Sea Wind. Like a super lightweight MR Monarch/Sawyer Loon. Awesome looking boat!

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This boat is
This is so cool to see. I’ve always wanted a decked canoe but krugers and monarchs are too rare to afford.

Also, I’ve paddled the blackwater and its a freaking awesome solo. It does everyhting I’d want a fast solo to do. I’d love to test paddle one of these on Long island sound or the rhode island shores. A redder is definitely necessary for bigger water.

Anyways, savage river is already a high performance canoe industry leader and cemented their position with this boat. Their whole lineup is rock solid and this may share the spot with the crown jewels (the JD pro2, corbin, and decked blackter, IMO)

it looks very much unlike the
Monarch and Sea wind and looks adapted to fast but lake chop only.

Sitting so high with knees out of the cockpit and apparantly very little depth would not be useful to me on Superior or the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico… One big wave and all would be wet in there.

John plans on decking the Illusion
as well. Should be available as a kayak or as a closed C1.

Seat height is adjustable.
Cockpit opening size is customizable.

My concern is that the Falcon will be harder tracking than the Loon, Monarch and Sea Wind. My Monarch, with the rudder up, is very maneuverable with only my 160 lb load. I hope I’m wrong about he maneuverability of the Falcon: