Savage River Illusion

I’ve posted an update on my new boat, along with photos on my Facebook page. A link to it is below.

Hey Marc
how are the rails supporting the seat attached to the hull? Pretty boat by the way!

There are phenolic inserts
in the ribs, where the rails are attached. The rails are screwed into the phenolic inserts.

If you look closely at the ribs, where the rails attach to them, you can see dark "

shadows" beneath the Kevlar. Those dark “shadows” are the inserts.

Interesting and ingenious
…never seen that construction before!

What? No cup holders???

– Last Updated: Jun-29-16 9:24 PM EST –

Where are the dang cup holders??? :)

Ok...that is one seriously nice boat!


If Marc is paddling though the cup needs a gyroscopic mount to avoid spillage of beverage.

I put bicycle bottle holders
in my whitewater boat. Much simpler than gyroscopes but that is a neat idea.

Just to be clear…
I hope you guys don’t think I really wanted cup holders. I was just kinda making fun of most canoes that do have built in cup holders. That boat is perfect just as it is. :slight_smile:

I live very close to where this canoe is made. I’m hoping to see it in person before too long.

We understood
Just having some fun. They make sense in the WW boat. Here, a thwart bag is the proper accessory.