Savage River JD Cruiser

I am looking at purchasing a Savage River JD Cruiser (not the Bullet)and need input. Since these baots are not at all prevalent here in Texas I am not able to test drive one.

My partner and I weigh a combined 390 pounds and when competing, total weight is around 425. Is this boat designed for that much weight with optimum cruising speed?

We currently compete in a Wenonah Jensen 18 and Avg. speed on flat water is 5.5 mph. We are ready to move up and need a boat that is faster yet affordable for us poor folk here in Texas. I am just about to make a deal with “Wally” in Chicago but don’t really have enough information on this boat.


contact Savage River
I think you can e-mail Savage River through their website, or you could call them. Since it’s their design, they would be the best folks to ask.

yeah I would call Savage River
If you call and talk to John Diller he will direct you to the boat he makes that would best meet your particular needs.

I raced in the JD cruiser
for a few years. I was at 175-180 ( I was younger, hairier and better looking then) The Canunut was bulked up to a portly 145-150 pounds. The boat was better then the Wenonah in shallows (6 inches to 2 feet. Over that it was a matter of the team. The out fitting with the epoxied on brackets instead of rivets was much easier on these old legs. I think Diller makes it both ways so check. I Like the Savage river better then the newer Wenonah USCA Cruisers. I love the older style Wenonah USCA cruisers (except for speed. ) The Canunuts cruiser is carbon/kevlar, twin bailers and all carbon thwarts. Front and rear sliders etc.

One slight problem we had with the design/construction is the thwarts broke loose from our self rescue training.

Before you panic let me explain. Steve and I would normally train on Lake Norman which is big water and busy. We practiced and practiced getting back in the boat till my thighs and chest were black and blue and occasionally bloody. We at one time got our recovery time well under a minute(from deep water) since most crews seem to just swimm the boat to shore it may not be an issue. any other questions feel free to contact me.

Hey Blackswamppaddler
are you and your dad going to try the ausable this year, or jsut pit for some other crew?


It should be a fun and interesting day…

I am introducing my 4’11" (adult) daughter to my Wenonah, J-190 -18’-6" racing boat.

Up until now the longest solo canoe she has been in is her little Sandpiper,

My wife and I will take our Comp Cruiser, and we can all laugh together.

My wife also wants to try her hand in the solo.

It is a small local lake on the Blue Ridge parkway and they don’t allow power boats, so she won’t have to worry about wakes.



We are just going up and watching the race. I will do the Thursday night C-1 race. I’ve been training but nothing longer than an hour or two.