Savannah Rvier near Augusta

Thinking of taking some of the boys on a little 3 day 2 nite float down the Savannah River. We are thinking of putting in at the lock/dam near Bush Field, then take out somewhere around hwy 301, depending on how far we can make it.

Bush to 301 comes to about 68 miles; with a avg. velocity of 0.75 ft/mi, is it possible for a handful of mostly drunk novices and a couple of intermediate paddlers (who are also drunks) to make the nearly 70 miles in 3 days?

also, anyone here been down this section of the Savannah?

what could we be dealing with near the bomb plant and some other plants?

enough good camping spots to chose from?

thanks in advance!

Take a look at this trip report

It is several years old and I think it covers the area you asked about.

good stuff.