Save only one from each???

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If you could save only one canoe model from each of your favorite canoe manufacturers which ones would it be? Why?

Penn Yen: I would save the 18' wood and canvas from Penn Yen. Not sure of the model name but was one of the best wood canoes I have ever paddled. Like riding in a limo; smooth and luxurious, and a dream to paddle.

Mohawk: So far I would save the Solo 14. It paddles responsive like the smaller 12 and 13 footers of some other manufacturers, but has more capasity. Have not had the chance to paddle my new Probe 12. It may take over later.

Sawyer: Save the MorningSong. This is the first long, skinny go fast canoe I have ever liked. It turns well with just a little lean.

Placid Boatworks: Save the MorningStar. This little tandem handles great solo or tandem. Responds very well. A good freestyle boat.



this is tough

This is really tough, some companies have so many good hulls, and I’d want at least one good solo and one tandem. So I thought about it a little differently.I asked myself, “of the discontinued models which would i save? Which molds would i put away for posterity?” Still couldn’t get it down to one per company in most cases.

NovaCraft: Haida and Thames

Old Town: Columbia and Canadienne

Bell: Original Merlin

Mad River; TW Special

Sawyer: X-17, DY Special

Merrrimack: Pennichuck

Blue Hole: MGB, Kingfisher

Mohawk: Solo 14

Dagger: Venture 17

Grumman: 17 Eagle, 129 solo

Wenonah: 17 Spirit, 18 Sundowner

Mocassin, Whisper

This would be the start of my museum rack.


hard question
Mad River: Malecite

Blackhawk: Shadow or Combi I can’t decide which size

Dagger: Sojourn

Swift: Kipawa

Old Town: Penobscot

Hey Mick
What no Kruger Sea Wind?

for my wife
Do I get to keep one for my wife too?

I’d take any canoe made by Everett Crozier. C-1 J-203, C-2 Hassel. Regardless of the design, the boats are pure art.

hmmm, I think
that for most designs that are gone now

there is a better one available, except for

the Swift Quetico 15’10"…

Too bad I wasn’t able to buy one when

this one was still made :frowning:


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I'm I trying to assemble a well-rounded fleet, or should I "keep" similar boats if I like them? Without too much thought, here goes... Slanted to my interest in rivers & whitewater...

Mohawk - Probe 12II (relaible, versatile)
Old Town - Cascade (14' Appalachian, neat size/boat)
Mad River - even though I love my Outrage, nothin' irreplacable stands out!
Esquif - Vertige X (rare tandem ww on current market)
Evergreen - Starburst (all-round river workhorse)
Dagger/Bell - Ocoee
NovaCraft - Prospector 16' (my favourite prospector)

And, though I don't have much experience with them and don't have much use for it now, something long, light, sleek, fast and sea worthy, maybe something from Souris River or Wenonah?


I hate my Coleman lantern, but our cooler and our gas stove have been terrific for decades.

The old Town Cascade is a done-with design that I thought was worth keeping.

How often do people say they are looking for 1 canoe that they can solo or tandem on flatwater and whitewater and take on a weekend camping trip?