Saving dollars by knowing part names

Feel free to add sources and names of parts that you think would be useful, but here’s my discovery. The little plastic thingy that keeps the Zoom seat back at the proper elevation in my Perception Carolina Kayak broke. By calling Perception I discovered that it has a name - Butterfly clip - and that it’s separately available rather than having to buy a whole new seat back. Perception doesn’t sell them and they referred me to where they’re listed here:

Similarly the plastic clips that holds the foot pegs in place broke making my rudder control useless. The foot pegs are replaceable - Keepers Foot Pegs. When I took one out of my kayak today I noted that the springy clip part that broke was a separate piece. I learned from TopKayaker that the clip is called the “trigger”, but unfortunately triggers are not separately available and you have to buy a whole new peg when that breaks. Apparently they’ve been trying for years to get the company to sell the triggers separately or find someone who manufactures them. One of you 3D printer gurus could make some $ if you designed and printed these - assuming you could print them in a relatively flexible plastic that wouldn’t fatigue and break.


Thanks for the link! is my go to for hard to find kayak parts. Tom is great!

The Keepers Foot Pegs are part of the reason I gave up on my perception boats. They are used widely thought the kayak industry, but I always hated the way that they threw your weight the wrong way while they to corner.

I got hooked on the t-bar. I gave up on buying expensive pieces of plastic and built better pieces at home.

The t-bar allows you to use set foot pegs… You can put a piece of conduit in front of it and lean the boat like it should be. Big binder clips work well to replace those plastic pieces in the seat back assembly.

What’s a T-bar? I did a search on the web site but all I came up with were discussions about candy bars.

Binder clip. How do you use it? Do you grab one of the ridges on the upright part of the seat back or do you clip it to the seat back and put one of the arms of the binder in one of the ridges? It won’t do me any good, because I already bought a butterfly clip to replace the broken one, but if it goes again I may try the binder clip method. My 3D drawing skills are infantile, but all of these parts are prime candidates for 3D printing at home once somebody puts the drawing up at Thingiverse.