Saw a Lost Creek Gator kayak today

LOL. The funky stuff that crops up in the world of cheap rec kayaks.

This one was a kids’ SOT at Sportsmen’s Warehouse. Bright green with an oddly shaped bow, resembling an alligator snout. Two decal or painted eyes also. Center floor and other areas had lightly raised squares molded in, like that of alligator hide exaggerated.

At $99 and supposedly 25 lbs, someone might buy it just for grins. Looks like a small adult could paddle it. (No, I didn’t buy it.)

Looks stylish, if not fast.

We purchased a little kids kayak for the dog. He doesn’t paddle. So last time we used it we filled the cockpit with ice and drinks at a party. Worked good.

I can see that kayak to have use at tail gating at gator games. (U of Fla)

My alternative use for the Gator would be this:

Take it to a lake teeming with people, but launch away from the crowds. Then paddle closer to them (as discreetly as possible), get off the kayak, hide in the water behind the stern, swim/push it closer to the crowds, then suddenly duck underwater while yanking the stern down HARD, so that the “gator” rears up and slaps down loudly.