Saw bone advice fer foyst aid kit

Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

Ah’s in de process o’ rebuildin’ me paddlin’ foyst aid kit an’ gots a questoon fer all ye proofessional or armature witch doctors, saw bones, medicine men, civil waar soyjens, EMTs, USAF PJs, paramedics an’ de real unsung heros of dis woyld… combat medics!

Here it be…

Any oopinons on dem thaar hemostatic powders, gauze, etc. that go by the names like Celox, QuikClot, Woundseal, Combat Gauze, etc. dats claimed ta stop traumatic bleedin’ fro’ one’s personage.

De QuikClot Combat Gauze stuff ain’t cheap (almost $50 smackers apiece) but looks to be a much better option fer emergency wilderness situations or fer a walkin’ tour thru de streets o’ Camden, NJ. fer dat matter.

Ah’s already obtained a couple o’ wat be commonly called de “Israeli Bandage” an’ a C.A.T. tourniquet in addition ta me French an’ Injin Waar soyjens doctorin’ kit - some strong hooch, de bitin’ stick, prunnin’ saw (cuts on pull stroke) an’ de bucket o’ hot tar fer de stump waan de leg has ta come off.

Thanky kindly fer any advice.

Fat Elmo

Me current Certs. crudenshool be: Healthcare Provider CPR an’ AED, Basic First Aid an’ Wilderness First Aid


Gradooated fro’ de fourth grade as a French an’ Injin Waar Soyjen fro’ Granny Clampett’s School O’ Doctorin’.

market sez

paddling the haystacks at Zion ?

First aid

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AS per my recent WFR, from WMA, the use of clotting agents is not advised. Even severe bleeding is best managed by well aimed direct pressure. If you must use a clotting agent, get the newest sort. Older ones (first Gulf War) are difficult to use, and dangerous, (caustic, eye exposure etc.)


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Topical hemostatic agents can be very useful in the operating room to control bleeding especially when the patient has developed a coagulopathy.

I suspect they could be useful in cases of battle trauma when there is extensive external injury and bleeding.

In civilian life nearly all cases of traumatic external bleeding can be controlled by application of direct pressure.

Save your money and just buy a bunch of sterile gloves and 4 x 4" gauze pads.

Can you…
…please re-post? In English this time?

You plan on starting a MASH UNIT?

yes pressure but
if using pressure than adding a coagulant at the bleeding area, is this a positive or do I confuse pressure and bleeding areas. I see the two are separate sometimes not always.

I sliced a wrist vessel with a razor knife. Blood pumped out with heartbeat. Holding for pressure, I went to the Mgr’s office for first aid assistance. The Mgr poured a liquid on the sliced, bleeding immediately stopped.

I asked him what was the liquid, he smiled n said only H2O2…

not the H2O2 I buy.