Saw the new day tripper 10 today

at RMA. The first thing I noticed is how Massive the Seat is! It had the largest seat I ever saw on a kayak. It also looked quite wide, but I think its because its one of those kayaks that has alot of its length that stays at its max witdh, and towards the ends of the kayak the width suddenly decreases at a more rapid rate, giving the appereance of being wider. While most kayaks only hold their max width for a few inches, such as my kayak, with a more gradual decrease in width to the ends, giving a narrower appearance, like a diamand. How wide is it exactly?? Has anyone had an opportunity to paddle one.


You just delete the whole thread anyway
when it doesn’t go your way. People are on to you little man . . . .


The mods delete them, not me.
I swear, I dont delete them

Why would anyone paddle one?
It looks like a nice planter, cattle watering trough, or hog trough, maybe bathtub.They are obviously after the low end of the market.

I didnt really love it either.
the 12 is okay, but I dont think it tracks very good

BS. Go find a friend, or get a pet rock.

Belongs on the discussion forum.

Yes, Dad. . . .
This thread has it all, from obnoxious “teen” to annoying, bossy, old men. Maybe it should be on B&B instead . . . .



Who’s bossing anyone? I simply stated
a fact. You and Pamlico can do what you want about it.

Thank you for permission.

Why do you suppose you needed
permission? I haven’t seen any indication that you do other than just what you want to do on these boards.

Because I need more parental guidance.

Why don’t you take your needs and
concerns to Brent.

It’s funny, if I use a dirty word, I get an email from Brent almost immediately, but he’s never said word one to me about my reminding people about forum guidelines. Why do you suppose that is?

There’s a few of you guys that evidently had authority issues with your fathers. I don’t have any authority. I only point to what’s there for all to see, if they choose to see it.

Your like the Mr.Addler of
"Stop screwing around!!"

“You screw around too much!!”

email from Brent.
That’s telling. I’ve used a few mild bad words from time to time, even on the “nice board” and never once got a warning. I wonder if he sent you them because he finds your policing behavior so annoying and it’s his little way of reminding you that “even you” don’t always follow the rules. He probably finds you annoying. Like the rest of us.


Actually its only a small clot of you
that have complained. And the only bad language comment I got from Brent came before I was into suggesting that some threads are better off on other pnet forums rather than Advice, etc.

I find it amusing that some people find relatively tactful reminders annoying. You go over on Boatertalk and post something on the boating forum that doesn’t have to do with boating, and people will have a great time reminding you that it doesn’t belong there. And then, the volunteer administrators may pull the thread. We all have a great time over it, and I’ve never seen anyone get annoyed or bent out of shape. Considering that boatertalk is a much rougher, more free-wheeling board, I guess the inability of some to tolerate a little reminder on pnet says more about them than it does about me.

Evidently pamlico 14 bothers you much more than he ever does me. Individual differences. Don’t treat him too bad, or you may be the one Brent visits.

He spelled the words right.

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Totally amazing. In B&B he couldn't even spell McDonalds correct (my 7 yr old grandson can) but he spelled a bunch of big words right. TROLL BOY

I’ve known your type many times . . . .
The one’s w/ nothing better to do than feign unauthorized authority. Or worse, use others’ errors as a way of sustaining their own insecurities.

Whatever makes you feel better, g2d. We’ll tolerate you, either way. But we may just have a little fun at your expense from time to time w/ a poke or a needle. Grow a thicker skin, take two aspirin and correct me in the morning . . . .


I am absolutely sure that I have no
authority whatsoever in this matter.

There is a printed standard.

I have pointed to it.

The response of you and a few others is so fascinating to this old psychologist that I think I’ll go on pointing to that printed standard.

As I said, if you really think what I’m doing is so “wrong,” email Brent. If he wants me to stop, I’ll stop, as a personal courtesy to him, not because I think it is in ANY way wrong for me to point to the standard.

Meanwhile, not taking any credit for it, but the Advice board has been relatively free of topics like the one that started this thread.