sawhorse for kayak

I’ve seen the Talic SeaHorse. Doesn’t somebody else make a three legged model? I’m looking for a solution to storing my kayak/s outside.

going low-tech…
I had never heard of the talic seahorse. It’s certainly nice… I store my (4) kayaks each set deck-down on sets of plain old plastic sawhorses from Home Depot with towels or cheap bath rugs across the sawhorse tops to prevent scratches. I have lightweight tarps over them to protect them from sun and bird droppings, etc. You can make stands for them out of PVC pipes connected in an X with webbing across the top if you want something softer (such as at


Talics are sweet
They are pricey for sure, but are very adaptable. I use them for my touring kayak, my WW solo, and right now my Magic is resting in them.

That said, the PVC pipe models have served many folks quite nicely. If you are handy, have at it.

Another solution is a set of standard sawhorses to which you add minicell pads.


The only 3-legged ones I remember seeing have all been home made. Most have been out of PVC, but I’ve seen a couple of sets done out of wood.

See this post

Good pics of pimped sawhorses.


take saw horse top 2 X 4 ,nail a 1 X 2 ripped to 1" wide {or square},and nail a 1 X 2 strip on top,lying flat. Then get a set of aero bar slip on foan blocks,and slide the foam blocks over the 1 X 2. Foam blocks are contoured to fit most boat hulls. Foam block can be easily removed to use saw horse for wood working. See pictures V

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Bill, I used that system for years…
but my garage was so crowded I was always afraid I was going to knock the boat off one of the sawhorses. Since I needed storage for three boats and other “stuff” I created this rack from 2x2’s, scrap roof decking (bottom level is for the “stuff” and is the only shelf that isn’t open), a set of wheels, and brackets from the hardware store. It was so easy to build, plus when I moved, it was easy to dismantle and screw back together.

Without the coolers and camping gear on the lower level, I could store a fourth boat. If I hadn’t had height restrictions (had to clear the garage door) I could have made it a bit taller and stored multiple kayaks on edge in one of the middle levels. Didn’t have the need for that, so I didn’t build it into the plan. The plan was actually “made it up as I went along” but hey, it works!

Some ideas
I use Talic seahorses which are nice for occasional work, but pretty pricey. I think they’re too easy to knock over for permanent storage. Kayakpro makes more robust boat slings that cost more, but would be better for continuous storage - then click on ‘boat slings’ at the bottom left. I’ve been keeping a boat on a friends porch on two folding camp chairs ($15 each, works OK).

I saw a wooden stand that looked very nice in a photo of a Nick Schade boat - anyone know where these come from? They are basically a wood version of the seahorse:

Plastic Sawhorses
You can get plastic sawhorses at most of the large box retailers now. They fold up for easy storage when not in use. The sawhorses come with two brackets on the top of them that a 2x4 slides into. The 2x4 can either be placed vertically or horizontally in the brackets.

If you buy a couple of foam blocks that slide on car roof racks to transport kayaks, and then put the 2x4 vertically into the top sawhorse brackets, the foam blocks slide right onto the 2x4’s.

I don’t store my kayaks this way as I have a different storeage system, but I do use this sawhorse set up to wash my kayaks. Works great.

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Like your rack,great idea with the wheels. I hang my boats from the ceiling,so not a problem for me{sorry no picture}.All the other paddling gear & car racks go in a utility closet in my garage. We like to park our cars in the garage. I use the saw horses just to clean or work on the boats.

BTW, is the green monster trying to mate with your canoe?

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storage and cradles
checkout the storage page at Placidboats. If I could figure out how to send an attachment, I’ll gladly give up the plans for our shop cradles. 5 24" 2X4s, 2 30 inchers, 7 feet of rope and 12 3" drywall screws.

Nope, the 'gator is my guard "dog."

I use the folding
camp stools with the cloth seats for my kayak.

No padding needed.


Hey at least…
you have a PFD on him,and a tie down. That’s more then some people here use. Cute photo!

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