Sawhorse Kayak Storage Question

Here’s my plastic Scorpio on a couple saw horses drying out. I’m wondering how long I can store it this way. The saw horses have 4" pool noodles on top. I can tuck the hatch covers inside so they are safe but the kayak can breath and continue to dry. One sawhorse is positioned on the bulkhead behind the fore hatch. The other sawhorse it positioned on the bulkhead between the two aft hatches.

Good for a few hours?
Good until next weekend?
Fine for summer storage every week assuming out of the sun?
Fine for winter storage assuming completely protected from sun, rain, and snow (in the garage or under the deck but completely protected)?


-l2t aka Ken

Good until the first wind storm if stored outdoors. Ask me how I know :slight_smile:

@abz said:
Good until the first wind storm if stored outdoors. Ask me how I know :slight_smile:

Well yeah, I thought about that. Has to be structured so it won’t fall over. I have a sheltered spot but I also could fit it in the garage like that.

Mine live like that except the “rack” is anchored .

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You might look into something more resilient than pool noodle for the cushion. The noodle will most likely crush flat and will no longer serve as much of a cushion. I use boat fenders lightly inflated which allows them to conform to the shape of the boat.

Malone kayak blocks notch to fit saw horses . UV stable also.


Assuming out of sun, can’t be blown over, not accessible to critters, can’t fill with water that would freeze, and the like, the concern I would have is related to heat. If temps get up warm enough there, the plastic may soften and you could get indentations on deck where the boat rests on the saddles.

You might look for a pair of used director’s chairs at yard sales since the seats are big, wide canvas slings. Add a little foam and the weight of the kayak will be supported by a broad area. I think you might find them handy for chores like washing your boat too.

20 minutes to make two. 3-4" straps. Make any height you want. Buy strapping by the foot on ebay.