Sawyer 15.6 L 36 W canoe

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Hello i am about as new to this canoeing as any one can get .At 56 years old i have never been in one .
I have a place in S.W. Va Just a half a mile from the Clinch river And would like to Explore it . So i got the bright idea it would get a kayak .But at 350lbs 6.3 thats a small field to chose in the kayak world . After three weeks of C/L searching to no a vale i decided to do an canoe search .
Thing a Alum . canoe would be best for me thats what i focused on not seeing any thing of interest i started looking at the other canoe adds .Skipping over the adds there was a yard sale add in with the canoes . So i open it up and listed with all the other crap the word canoe
The add included a phone number with nothing to lose i called . The Woman answered and said she still had it an had reduced to 150.00 (this being about 12.30 ) she said it was a Sawyer 16 ft i had measure how wide 36 in. The sale being 80 miles away she said she would hole it till i got there . She also said her x left it and wanted it gone . There was no one standing in line to buy it .
Thirty five dollars got me two new paddles and a canoe.
1 I would like to know what model i have
2 I don't want to cobble it up but would like make it a solo at my weight with the option of tandem
3 one of the name plates on the bow is broken .I would like to replace it
I am fairly skilled .Having a Lathe milling machine Mig Tig Stick welders you name i probity have it including a complete wood shop But i am out of my wheelhouse now .
And advice on my seats or any thing else i am all ears The Adventure begins . Donny

An old Sport
Pictures might help. 16 X 36 suggests a Sport. Should be fiberglass with 2 tractor style seats if stock. Others will need to chime in on how it paddles. Piragas has some drop in center seats - I expect others do as well:

If your knees are up to it, kneeling can give more control of the boat.

Be sure to get a decent PDF - and wear it. It wouldn’t hurt to find some training. The basics of solo canoeing are a bit trickier than the basics of getting a rec kayak to go sort of straight.