Sawyer 190 dimensions

I have a fresh-out-of-the-mold, unfinished, Sawyer 190. It has been in that condition since it was build in 2006 shortly before Sawyer went under.

I want to finish it out. It has aluminum gunwales on it, and I have ash carry handles, yoke, thwart, and seats, and the hardware. I need to get some end caps/decks from Wenonah or Superior Canoes.

BUT, I have no idea as to where the place the two seats and how long to make the thwarts and yoke.

IF you have a 190 you can measure, please let me know! David Yost, Charlie Wilson, anyone have the specs on how to complete this boat? Anyone?


Maximum Beam
The Max beam at center was 33", which should allow the rails to approach fair curvature.

Info on seat and thwart placement sent electronically.

And I’d suggest doubling the number of rail rivets using hardened Aluminum rivets. The std, hardware store alu. is too soft.

yes, I have the correct rivets and I absolutely appreciate the info Charlie!!!

See you on the water,