Sawyer Adjustable Seat Hangers

Was paddling my Mohawk Solo 14 today and was thinking of how much better I like the seat in my Sawyer Autumn Mist. Does anyone know where you can find one of those 3 way seat hangers like Sawyer used to use? I’d love to mount one and put a tractor seat in the Mohawk. Thanks! WW

mulit height seat tracks
JEM has an updated version

Clipper canoe
In Canada has something similar in there solo boats.

JEM & Clipper
Searched “JEM” through a few pages and couldn’t come up with anything. What/who IS JEM?

The seat hangers on the Clipper Soltitude is what I’m looking for, but it wasn’t listed in their products list. I e-mailed them to see if they would sell me a set up. I like the looks of that Soltitude, it looks and sounds similar to my Sawyer Autumn Mist. Thanks! WW and Superior Canoe

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Matt from NC has He designs boats and boating stuff, and sells other makers stuff as well. I remember something about a three way adjustable seat, but did not see one on his site. Missed it? Drop Matt an e-mail shout.

You also might try Scott of Superior Canoe I believe he said he was going to make the Sawyer three way adjustable seats again. You'll have to call him (E-mail does not always get to him).

If the leads you have do not work out contact me later on and will look some more with you.



Thanks, Mick
Clipper e-mailed me back that they didn’t sell the hangers. I couldn’t believe they got back to me so quickly, though; it was maybe an hour. I’ll remember that next time I’m looking for a solo canoe because a couple of theirs look very similar to Sawyers. I’ll check out those sites now. Thanks again! WW

sawyer seats
I can’t help with where to find them, but I wanted to echo your preference for Sawyer’s solo seats. I have the DY and absolutely love the adjustable seat (and the canoe, for that matter). Besides adjusting trim fore and aft, it’s great to be able to adjust up and down. It allows you to customize the seat for whomever is paddling.

Also, Different Paddling Conditions
Higher if just playing arround, lower to sit in there and cover distance or rough conditions. Excellent design that I assume is not worth the time and expense for manufacturers to use. Didn’t find it a JEM, but e-mailed Superior. Problem is, my e-mail was returned as “Spam.” Guess I’ll have to call. WW

another advantage of the design

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It uses sturdy trusses to transfer the paddler's weight down the sides and to the floor of the boat.

With gunnel-hung seats, a hull with some tumblehome, and a paddler of above average weight, you can get some undesireable "side effects." (pun intended)

"Side" effects, I like that! Another good point (and pun)! WW

Another source … almost …
Souris River for years said that a three way seat was easy to do. Had several discussions with the company owner about these, especially about how east to make yourself and how easy for the owner to put the hangers in themselves. The plan had been to sell them as after market as well as installed once perfected.

When they finally did release the three way seat it was installed by factory only. Not even the importer, who was making/installing all kinds of mods and add-ons, was allowed to install the three way. If you wanted one in your old boat you had to deliver it to the factory.

I think they discovered it was harder than they thought for the average owner to line it all up properly. Even though I had a repore with the maker and he said I was more than capable of the installation he would not send me a three way to install.

You know it would really not be that hard to make one Terry, especially if you have a sample as a guide.



JEM adjustable
I believe Matts 3 way adjustable is the 2 brackets like a Kruger Sea Wind but with 3 slots instead of 4. .