Sawyer Autumn Mist

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I asked for, and received, some excellent advice over the weekend about the above canoe that was for sale. I had not yet had a chance to see the canoe, and someone posted a link to the ad, which I had strategically chosen not to do for fear of not getting the chance to see it before it sold. I have now, and passed on it for several reasons, some having to do with the condition of the items, some not.

The ad is here:

I deleted that thread, so this thread, while not really seeking advice, is to thank those having given good advice, and put the link back up for anyone interested.



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Jeff (Sloopsailor) is going to take a look at it for me tomorrow. Did you see it? What was your impression? Maybe I'll have my second Autumn Mist soon! WW

Good for you…get it

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It is a good deal...also a white gold Magic on this board for 800.00 another fantastic deal.

FYI you can search for any boat on Craigslist simply by searching Google using the terms "canoe craigslist" and it will show hits all over the country of all kinds of canoes. If you add the manufacturers name to the search it will find any boat by that make that is up for sale on the list.

Rougher than I thought.
Not bad, but there was a chunk of FG about an inch long in the point of the bow about half way up, some stains in the gel coat along the edges and the seat & foot brace hardware seemed a little worn and rickety to me. I know nothing about FG repair or gel-coat refinishing, so I’m leery there.

The paddle cart was great quality, and near new. The paddles were not. One is a homemade (probably well, in its day) FG blade & wooden handle. The finish is gone from the wood where it meets the blade, and it’s splintering. I wouldn’t plan on using it. The other is in good shape, but a butt-ugly baby blue-composite. It is very light. The PFD is old, good shape, but very outdated, full chest, back and shoulder style that would probably heat you up really good. May be a good thing in January, ;~). But the value isn’t in the accessories, it’s in the boat or not.

I’d say it’s well worth $500 for the boat, the rest is either bonus or trash, doesn’t matter. It’s just not exactly what I envisioned. Keep in mind, I’ve absolutely no experience w/ this material, so I’m not a very good judge. It was just my impression. I’m overcautious when buying stuff, to a fault. I rarely make a bad buying decision, but the ones I have made stand out in my mind, leading to more over-caution . . . .

Speaking selfishly, I should have bought it, used it a few times and possibly sold it, maybe for more than I paid. I knew others (you and possibly more) want it more, and it should have a good home.

I also had some external reasons to discourage me from shelling out $500 this week. If it’s still available a couple of weeks from now, I’ll probably change my mind on the “selfishly” part, though. lol


Funny, it doesn’t come up.
“canoe craigslist sawyer” does not bring this one up. Neither does “canoe craigslist autumn mist”. You obviously did a bit more searching than that, like looking up my profile first to see where I’m located (since I said “local”).

Just a note, I thought it was bad form when I asked for advice to list the ad. I had obviously left it out because I didn’t feel like selling it for the guy before I could take a look myself. If someone was serious about wanting one, they could do the search you recommended to find it themselves. Or even e-mail me. I’d have been glad to pass it along once I decided not to buy it.

Also, you posted the link even before anyone suggested against it, and while I was pretty seriously considering it. I’m not trying to get pissy with you, but I found it a bit rude. The guy found the thread himself on an internet search and tried using it to hurry me along, along with the several e-mails he got from people saying they saw it on pnet.

Just food for thought. On a funnier note, whoever called him an “old guy” or a “geeser”; he didn’t appreciate it. ;~)


Since You “Found” It…

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...I for one wouldn't mind backing off until you make up your mind. The Autumn Mist is a heckuva good solo boat and I don't NEED to buy a boat a few weeks before vacation. But, since it's an Autumn Mist, I was going to possibly make an exception. IMHO, you should buy the boat; you could probably get the same $500 out of it if you don't like it and fiberglass repair work is easy even for non-handyman types like me. Oh, and BTW, the footbrace on mine "Seemed" chintzy and rickety because of the rattling, but was actually pretty solid. WW

So there was a small area, ABOVE! the waterline, yah, and just some minor things around the edges…? Footbrace…a footbrace in a solo canoe?= Gaper-style, insignificant…IMHO.

Check the hull’s integrity!

Any dents/dings-of-size in the hull?

Look for reviews and specs/dimensions on it.


Basically easy repairs, but 5 bills may

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be more than one might want to pay for his first attempt at glass repair and other repairs. If you mentioned clist in your earlier post, you learned not to do that in forums like this. Agree it was a tad bit tacky to reveal the listing in your thread.

Oh yes it comes right up
so does the wenonah Prism and many others. I could fill a hole page with used canoes from an advanced search.


and listpic will even pull up more if you know how to use it…

You posted it on here, you really didn’t expect that it wouldn’t be scarfed up by someone who knows exactly what it is did you?

I guess not now, that I know who’s here.
I’m not even sure I stated “craigslist” specifically, but either way, I expected better. As yak.canfish said, a learning lesson on the characters here on the “nice” boards . . . .

WW, go for it. I appreciate the offer to backoff, but I’m telling you not to. As per some discussion above, it’s in good shape. I don’t know much, and stated so. It’s just not in the cards for me right now. The guy wants to sell it, and he certainly shouldn’t wait two or three weeks for me to change my mind, but honestly, I don’t think I will.


I think you said "available locally"
in your first thread.

Generic questions, no mention of

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being for sale are best in open forums if its potentially a hot boat available in your area. Or changing your profile insofar as location. To test how to find the ad, I just looked at the national clist, clicked Indiana, then Idianapolis, and "canoe" for mention of Sawyer. It was at or near the top. No need for computer acrobatics if you have enough of a description and an idea about location.