Sawyer Canoe, 15'7", Sky blu hull

I have a Sawyer Canoe, 15’7", Sky blu fiberglass hull that I’m thinking of selling. Does any body out there have any idea of the model and weight? And of what it might be worth? By the way, its in great shape, a few rubs and minor scratches. I bought kayaks shortly after I bought this and have only had it on the water 4 or 5 times. I can send pics to help in the identification. Thanks!

More information needed.
Is it solo or tandem (one seat or two)?

What is it’s maximum width?

What it the width of the outside edge of the gunwales (the trim at the top)?

Is the 15’7" length measurement accurate?

Only you can tell us how heavy it is by weighing yourself on a bathroom scale and then weighing yourself holding the boat on the same scale and then subtracting the lighter weight from the heavier weight.

The Sawyer 190 tandem is 190" (15’8") long.

The Sawyer Summergong solo is 15’4" long. 28" maximum width and 21.5" at the outside edge of the aluminum gunwales. At least that’s how my sample is.

Sawyer 190
"The Sawyer 190 tandem is 190" (15’8") long."

Should be 15’10"… two inches more… fifteen eight is 188 inches. I loaned mine to my nephew so its not handy right now.

Anyway the 190 has constant flare and the solos have tumblehome.

More info on above…
Its a tandem boat, with 2ea plastic seats and a single cross bar at the center. It measures 36-1/2" at that bar. The 15-7" measurement is taken at the top from end to end. I wieghed it and its 58-60 lbs. Thanks. Got any idea what its worth?