Sawyer Canoe Company correct fon number

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is 937-773-8337. Bruce and Irma Studebaker are the new owners since last Sep. The re-start has been a bit slow, but they are making sure it is done right and not rushing to make mistakes.

After the initial request by a dealer for a Loon, there have been a lot of requests for Summer Song, Cruiser, and DY Special models. The molds are being identified, cleaned up, and put into production mainly in the order of the interest shown. There are some models such as the, 24' Texas Safari Saber, that even though there is interest actual production will be later. Some molds have not been found and new ones will need to be made from the plugs.

In addition to a few missing molds there are some other thigs like the hand written lay up book that are missing. Sawyer has copies it is working from, but would like the originals back. If anyone knows where they might be please let Sawyer know.

An established composite manufacturing firm is assisting in the lay ups at present. Sawyer will be hiring and training it's own staff in the near future.

The company is still in temporary facilities at several locations. They hope to have a more permanent centralized manufacturing facility soon in Piqua, OH.

Hope this has been of some interest and assistance. :^)

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This # disconnected.
I just called the # listed above 973-773-8337 and it was disconnected. Any other options?

Yes, Buy a Hemlock Canoe !
just jokeing (not) don’t be suprised if this new canoe company has a hard time getting on it’s feet. Fact is high quality canoes are not selling like hotcakes. I wish them the best but I know the market, and it a tough one to say the least. Good luck Sawyer!

Sorry yanoer. Did the same as first guy
that posted fon number. Only I made the mistake in the other end. I transposed two numbers in the area code.

The fon number in the thread starting post and here are both correct now.

Sawyer Canoe Company 937-773-8337 in Piqua, OH.

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Thanks Mick.
I’ll try again tomorrow.