Sawyer Canoe Help

Hey guys,

I saw a bunch of posts on sawyer canoes and was wondering if anyone can help me determine what kind I have.

its 15’10"L36"W11"deep

plate reads :SAW048890178

It used to be yellow but the previous owner painted it camo.


Maybe a 1978 Sport
I was hoping that one of the exports would chime in on this. I pulled out my old catalog (Early 80s I think) and find the Sport to be the closest: 16’ X 36" X 13". The HIN does specify that it is a 1978.

Yankee Rebel
My guess is a Yankee Rebel 16 from their AuSable line. I am just not sure in they started that line back in 78. I am pretty sure most if not all I saw were yellow and the width and height are right on.

Sawyer 190
dimensions match up

Is the 190 36" wide?
I didn’t think mine was that wide, but I sold it about 12 years ago.

Mine wasn’t 36
Gave it to nephew a few years ago. IIRC waterline width was 33. Because it had constant flare the gunwale width may have bee n 36

Harry Roberts coined it the pocket rocket. Very fast for its size. A little lacking in primary stability and outstanding secondary

If it’s a 190
That is one sweet boat. Great tandem with a pretty sheer line! Numbers seem close, pic would help id it.

190 specs
Length: 15’10"

Beam (rails): 33"

Beam (4" WL): 30.5"

Beam (max): 33"

Depth (bow): 19"

Depth (midship): 12.5"

Weight (Goldenglass): 60lbs.

(superlite GG): 52lbs.

(expdition Kevlar): 54lbs.

(superlite Kevlar): 42lbs.

Thanks for all the help guys, here is a photo of the canoe

Don’t think that’s a 190
at least it doesn’t look like one to me. Perhaps the experts will chime in

Doesn’t look like one to me either.

O golly not a 190
Probably some direct ancestor though

Where’s Sawyer George?

This is a Sawyer 190 like I had

I have a Yankee rebel !

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I have a photo of the name plate. I did a little wet sanding in the rain for your viewing pleasure. It had a sticker that read Yankee rebel.
Here it is:

It has 2 different years if you go by the last 2 numbers of the serial #. ?
For those of you that don't want to or are afraid to open anything it read:

DEMJ 10240677
1978 MODEL
It is a stamped aluminum plate rivited on.
It was originally banana yellow

Looks just like
My Yankee rebel. Look under paint by the bow for a stickers maybe you can get the paint off and still see them mine had Yankee rebel stickers. Same exact seats, gunnels , color, air box’s sticker on now air box. Tin drop downs.

I’m calling it a Yankee rebel!