Sawyer Canoe Identity?

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Hello all,
I'm new to the forum but not new to paddling or I've read other topics about sawyer canoes and this will sound like a broken record. I am looking at a used sawyer canoe measures exactly 15'10" and 34" wide. It's goldenglass layup (or at least has a goldenglass decal). serial number: SAW02256C485. Tractor seats, front slider, rear seat has foot brace (may be a aftermarket?), black aluminum gunwales and bare aluminum thwarts. No tumblehome. No model name to be found. Fiberglassed in floatation bulkheads. Any help? Price seems right but just needed a bit of extra confidence. Thanks

190 Cruiser
You may well have a 190 Cruiser. [190/12 + 15’10"]

A D. Yost design, it was one of the great pocket cruisers before our nation super-sized itself, and it still fits a compact couple very well. It’s fast for its length and immensely comfortable and seakindly.

A more modern DY varient, and lighter, with tumblehome and differential rocker is the Bell NorthStar.

Used to know him. Name is “Tom.”

Sounds like mine

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and mine like the OP has no model name on it. There may be a very small glassed in piece of paper in the boat(on the bow bulkhead) indicating where it was manufactured. Mine was made in Dwight ON.

Mine is of the year 1989 and there are webbed seats. They are not terribly comfortable and I can see someone changing outfitting.

The boat flies. We put it in mothballs when our trips stretched past five day outings.

The constant flare on the boat makes it very seakindly.