Sawyer Canoe Restoration

I have a beat up sawyer canoe in need of restoration. A friend passed it along after it blew off his truck. Looking for the serial number for ordering replacement parts and information on resoration color. This girls been painted a few times but, you can see it was original a sky blue color.

Sawyer is out of business
But if you contact Scott Smith at superior canoe he might be able to help you as would sawyer George. Sawyer George is a great source of trivia about the company.

Swift Canoe made them under licence
Maybe they have some decals and hardware around. I think that Mid-Canada Fibreglass also has some decals.

HIN should be etched on the stern
It might be painted over.

The Sawyers made under license to Swift had the HIN and mfr details on a piece of paper that was glassed and epoxied into the hull tank. That might have been painted over too.

A picture might help.