sawyer canoe

I bought my first sawyer canoe in 1976. It is a champion model. This canoe has been my baby all these years. I just bought another sawyer champion that the original owner says he bought new in 74. This canoe is different than the 76 in that the stern is not a 90 degree angle but bulges to the rear with a big radius. I have heard that there are different model champions like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Does anyone know what the differences are among these models and what year they changed?

Sounds like a Shockwave stern.
like mine. Not a Sawyer expert, but the Shockwaves date to back then. Name change?

Like this?


Sawyer Champions
The Champion 1 with the recurve stern was designed by Roland Mulhen. It went in producton in 1971. The Champion 2 was designed by Lynn Tuttle in went into production in 1975. The Champ 2 was one of my favorite canoes I raced it to 2nd place in the 1975 USCA nationals and 1st in 1976.

shockwave came out in '86
The guy I bought mine from gave me a photocopy of the original review of the boat, in Paddler magazine (I think).

sawyer shockwave
billinpa, How do you like your shockwave? You have a fine looking canoe there. Where in pa are you? Maybe we could get together and try out each others canoe. I dream about owning a sawyer solo canoe. George

sawyer champion
canoeracer, Thanks for the info. It surprises me that these two canoes were designed by different people. I can not tell which one I am paddeling from inside either one they are so similar.

magazine review
clarion, I would sure like to read that review. Is there any way to post it. Someone should start a website for people who like their old sawyer canoes. George

Sawyer RULES
We had a guy here in Michigan trying to start up building these great hulls, again, but I’m not sure how he’s fairing (argh).

I really, really like the Autumn Mist and the Summersong. I would’ve kept my Cruiser except the bow paddler needs to know his stuff, and my partner DOESN’T (argh). So I settled for a Mad River Explorer (a fast-enough, GREAT expedition canoe).

Viva la Sawyer! Unfortunately, the experts say these hulls are obsolete v. the newer hulls.

I still love them, though. But I’m only… Glenn

I had a Champ in the late 70s

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Apparently a II designed by Lynn Tuttle. I used it for lake touring in Quebec - Deep hull, lots of room, 18'-6" as I recall. Unfortunately it's size meant that I ended up with the lion's share of the community equipment.

In my dream world I still have that boat. My old Cruiser too!


EDIT: No, I did not have a Champion. I had a CHARGER. Man, my memory is bad.

Stop dreaming…

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as my Shockwave is for sale. Had it on classifieds, plenty of interest,but to close to holidays I guess. E-mail me if interested,I can send pictures.

I live near Lancaster,Pa. Shockwave is fast canoe,hard tracking,stable canoe. Good for fast touring,what I like to do. Come to the Raystown event,and you can try out lots of different canoes.Was another older Shockwave for sale there this year.


shoot me an email
… and I’ll dig out the copy and send you a PDF

I too would
really apreciate a copy of that review if you could please send it.

I had a Shockwave a few years ago and it is still one of my favorite canoes.

I too would appreciate a copy.
I have owned a Shockwave for a couple of years, and would appreciate reading its review in Paddler. I have five solos, and, like children, it’s hard to pick out a favorite. I consider the Shockwave the “flagship” of the fleet, as it has a hard-to-describe commanding presence on the water–very fast and stable.