Sawyer Canoe

I just bought a used Sawyer Canoe and would appreciate any help on learning about it. The numbers are the back are SAW010890278 It’s yellow and 18 ft. I need to replace the back seat and I’d like to refinish it and paint if possible. First post on the site so I’m not sure where to find some info if this info has been asked before. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Thanks Andy for the thread

This thread discusses where you can get a replacement seat:

Your bow seat is one of the clear polycarbonate tractor seats that crack with age. You can get a replacement seat from the same mold from Marlin Bayes at Clipper Canoe:

The seat will not be clear polycarbonate, however, but a softer, opaque, pigmented plastic that is lighter. You will be able to mount it to the seat frame with 4 sheet metal screws just like your front seat is mounted.

If it were me, I would replace both. Not only will they match, you will save weight on the bow seat, and if the bow seat hasn’t cracked yet, it may well do so with resumed usage.