Sawyer canoe?

Hello everyone! The family and I bought our first canoe today, or I should say canoes! The guy had two canoes both in great condition. My wife wanted the old town discovery, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the Sawyer he had, so we came home with both. I’m trying to figure out what year the sawyer might be? I can not find the identification number, but this is what I did find. I found an aluminum tag under the gunwale on the inside of the canoe near the stern. It said “guide special, 18’ L.O.A., 36” beam, 12-1/4" deep, load capacity 850 lbs.@6" freeboard, 75 lbs., 5 hp motor max.". Can anyone give me an idea of when this canoe was manufactured, and what year it may be? Where would I find the serial number?

It might be etched in the stern on the
gelcoat or on a tag glassed in. If you find a number anywhere the last three should be the month and year of manufacture.

Here are some reviews. Note none involve newer boats. I would guess your boat could be between 38-47 years old.

Mystery solved!
You were right on. Found the serial number etched on the outside on the bottom of the gunwale near the stern. #SAW031080675… Then that would mean it was built in June of 1975. Wow, 37 years old this June. It is in great shape. Thank you for all your help.